Getting In The "Spirit"

The boys are finally getting to the age where they Momma actually enjoys making crafts and projects with them.  The hardest part is holding down the antics and the arguments while maintaining focus on the task at hand.  Nothing really :-)  Last year at a Michael's sale, I picked up a couple foam craft sets for super cheap and put them in the attic.  I was excited when I got the boxes out because I knew the boys were going to love them! 

While they were napping, I constructed the first house one day so they could help decorate. 

Our spooky house pre decorations

checking out my work

following the picture and terrible instructions

sticking leaves and ghosts

Making the roof

Putting the letters on 

sticking the pumpkins in just right

the worse part.  waiting on glue to dry! 
The finished "spooky house!"
We also made a bat house this week. 

The finished bat house
Another fun craft we did this week was making Salt Dough Ghosts.  You really can not get any easier.

1 cup flour
1 cup salt
1/2 cup water

Mix all together.  Form ghost shape.  Heat in microwave or bake in oven until hardened.  They are like rocks when done so the boys have had a great time playing with them.  They have taken them everywhere.  We have only had one casualty when one made it into the bathtub.  Oops!  

stirring it up 

"squeezing" the ghost into shape 

headed in the microwave

our ghost family 

ghost in the city  
pirate ghosts

ghosts on the bed

ghost party - "they eat apples mom" 

grilling the ghosts 
ghost collage

Our pumpkin project was "pumpkin rocks".  We went on a very important walk and found some great rocks.  Don't tell the neighbors :-)  I put tape on them to make the shapes and they had a great time painting them.  I cheated while they napped and spray painted over.  The water based paint would have taken about 50 more coats and a TON more patience from me.  I already had one minor incident of taking out a rock to dry in the sun.  When I came back, Eli had the paint open shaking it out on Beckett's tummy.  They were both orange and laughing hysterically.  I, on the other hand, was not laughing at all!

"yooking for a good one"

heavy bag of rocks

Beckett are you looking for rocks? "No mom, acorns"

houndstooth duct tape is how we roll around here 
rocks are ready to paint!
Beckett is too!

Eli instructing me on where to put his paint 

We also painted some white rock ghosts

a happy home for our rocks

"yook at all our spooky stuff"
They also were big at helping me decorate a little for the season. I actually made this tree for their 1st birthday party. Just a spray painted branch cemented in a $1 spot pumpkin bucket.  It is still holding steady.  They loved putting the pumpkin ornaments on it. 

And all my careful pumpkin decorating was quickly changed when they came home from school.  My pumpkins have produced lots of fun games including pumpkin hide and seek!

And as my hubby would say, "Are you making cookies again???"  Why, yes we are.  Not really making as much as baking.  We like baking cookies.  We LOVE eating cookies. Now, get back to work and leave us alone dad :-)

"yining them up"

spreading them out
The boys are certainly ready for Halloween around here.  Busy boys = happy boys = happy momma for sure.  What a great way to get us all in the "spirit".

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