1st Annual Riley Boy Pumpkin Carving

Last year the boys were really too small to understand or enjoy pumpkin carving so I opted for the painted pumpkin look.

2012 painted pumpkins

monogrammed painted pumpkin

This year, though, is PRIME toddler pumpkin loving time.  So this past weekend we held the 1st Annual Riley Boy Pumpkin Carving.  First, the weekend before we headed out to pick the perfect pumpkin.  Not at the pumpkin patch though because this frugal mom called around everywhere to find the best deal on pumpkins.  We found it at Houston Garden Center.  They had a great cheap selection of pumpkins and the boys had a great time running through all the flowers, pumpkins, and "stuff" as they say. I did make Justin pack the wagon though to give us a more authentic pumpkin experience.

They had so many choices that Justin had to narrow it down for them to choose from.  We had lots of help getting them on the cart and getting them paid for too.

Once the perfect ones were selected, we loaded up and headed home.

On Saturday afternoon we gathered all our essentials for an afternoon of pumpkin carving. 


Texas grown of course

The smoker 

and Lone Star
The boys watched as their dad carefully made their pumpkins "a hat".  Dad got the boys in on the action and let them pull off each of the lids for their own pumpkins.  (Side note on the photos: I shot this series in manual mode.  So have a little grace on the ones that the lightening or focus is not quite right.  I am still learning!)

Whatcha doing daddy?

Beckett pulls off his top 

Eli waiting for his turn

It's hard daddy

Got it!

Then came the fun icky, gross, sticky part!  Getting out the insides.  Neither wanted to touch it.  In the end, daddy won.  They had to pull out the insides! I think you could hear their squeals and screams all over the neighborhood. 

Really he's just pretending to scrape

all the icky goodness inside

Beckett was crying right here

Do you LOVE Eli's face!!!

A close up.. and Beckett is laughing now 
He did not want to do.  Kept running away

He got it!

And he's OUT OF HERE!

Each boy got to consult on their individual designs.  How 2012 is this?  Iphone pics of pumpkins with the boys picking and deciding which one they wanted. 

Checking out his options

Found the perfect "spooky face"

Ei checking out the progress

Once the drawing and design work was approved.  Daddy got to cutting. Between occasional checkins on dad's work, the boys had a great time playing with each other in the backyard.  I was just listening to tunes and working on my F stops.  Thrilling right??

Looking good dad

The master carver

so so interested

drawing complete

pulling out the eyes

notice Oyster is not ever very far from the action

just a friendly game of frisbee

maybe not so friendly!

come out oyster! (Can't blame her from hiding)

just me, practicing photos with sunlight

my super heros

And then finally!  The work was done.  The final product I might say is mighty fine.  The boys love their "jack-o-lanterns" and I love the pumpkin carving tradition we started this year.

Eli's pumpkin 

Beckett's pumpkin on the left  and Eli's on the right

pumpkin faces

The front step is looking perfect for fall.  Oh how I love this time of year and the special memories it creates.  


Beckett's painted on the left and Eli's on the right
mommy's in the middle :-)

At the end of the day, I realized that I hadn't made it in a single picture.  Exhausted, stinky, dirty, and just plain worn out but I did get a picture with my sweet boys.

Sweet memories with my favorite "little pumpkins".

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