Fall Open House

Last week the boys had fall open house at their school.  We were able to come on Tuesday evening and view the boys "work", talk to the teachers, and also attend the book fair fundraiser for the school.  This was the first of these that we have ever attended.  I love that we got to spend some time talking to their teachers about them and the boys were so excited to show us all the "things" in their classroom.

One of the main boards was themed around their school.  They each took a picture for that board.  Neither looked sure of what was going on! 

The first months of school their classes focus on "What God Made"  so they have had lots of fun projects and we got a huge folder full of so many sweet things to take home.

Both teachers talked about how well the boys are doing at school.  She said they are both very sweet boys and follow the schedule extremely well.  I guess that is a result of being in full time care before versus some of the other kids that are away from home for the first time.  I over heard her talking to some other parents about issues with staying seated, crying, adjusting, not eating lunch, etc.  Praising God that my boys are happy and secure and thriving in their school environment.  She told me the sweetest story about nap time.  At first their nap mats were right beside each other but that caused some issues with going to sleep so they moved them so they are on each side of the book case.  She said they are both usually the first ones to fall asleep but Eli always wakes up first.  When he wakes up he goes and sits by Beckett.  She said that he pats his face and rubs his back to wake him up and leans over to talk to him in his ear.   How precious is that?  She said the Eli is definitely the boss of the situation but Beckett seems to be okay with that and happy most of the time.  

One of the boards they boys got to pick out clothes and dress them.  Eli's favorite joke (the little stinker) is that is favorite color is orange.  Which is a huge no no in our family due to college football.  Orange is stinky.  Therefore he thinks its hilarious to antagonize our entire family with this love of orange.  Look at his clothes!  He couldn't wait to show me.  Then he said, "Take a picture for Dee Dee"  I could eat his silly little face off sometimes!!

He also couldn't wait to tell me about Beckett's picture. He said "mommy, come yook at Beckett's upside down pants. He's a silly goose!"  Ha!  The teacher said that Eli was in the bathroom when she hung up the Beckett's picture.  He came out and saw it and went over to Beckett and said "Your pants are on upside down!" Look at Mr. Type A.  As the teacher said, everything with Eli has to be perfectly lined up.  

I was also excited to hear the report of how much they love books. Both teachers couldn't get over how they would "read" to themselves or pay attention for entire books versus the other boys in the class.  I have a routine of going to the library every other Tuesday and swapping out their books. I usually get 10-12 at the time and we read a lot.  They both LOVE it.   The school was having a book fair and I have to say it brought back so many memories.   I loved book fairs. Loved them.  I still have a deep love of books and reading even though I don't get to read as much as I once did.  Sweet boys picked out one book each with a little direction and their daddy treated them.  They couldn't wait to get home, they read in the car!

Every day the boys come home with so much to say about what they did and what they learned.  We both can see so much progress in their learning and their behavior.  We both left feeling very blessed that God led us to this school and these wonderful sweet teachers who watch over and take care of my boys.  Looking forward to lots of fun events at their school over the next few months.  More school day adventures await!

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