Girls Weekend

Last weekend was a long overdue treat for me.  Being a mommy has definitely been a full time job for me and not having family here makes it hard to get a break.  Before this weekend I had only stayed overnight away from the boys twice this year and both of those were with Justin.  This was my first night away from them alone in almost a year!  It was time for some "me" time.

What made it even more fun was that my friend Stephanie, mom of Xavier and Max (the boys' best friends) wanted a break too.  Last Saturday we finally got our chance.  Even though we both had crazy Saturday mornings we were able to sneak away by lunch and kick off our relaxing with a little late brunch.

french toast for Stephanie

Farmers omelet for me

After our bellies were full and we started to relax, we headed to the spa to check in for the day.  I went to this spa a year ago for my last "break" and loved it.  Justin even gave me a gift certificate there for Valentine's Day and I was finally getting to use it.  The reason that I love this place is that you can spend the whole day there if you want too.  There are outside pools, inside heated pool, hot tub, steam room, quiet room, and an outside "wine garden" that you can relax in.  It's the perfect place to spend the day with a friend.

Headed in with our paper bag

Fiori Spa Houston 

Our outdoor oasis where we sat for hours chatting

We both enjoyed our massages but agreed, it was too short!  Next time we need to beg the hubbies to spring for more time :-)  We left relaxed, happy, and even a little hungry.  Good thing my man used his Hilton Honors to book us an executive room because we got to use the lounge.  As soon as we checked in we hit up "happy hour" and were pleasantly surprised by the mini buffet set up.  Cute appetizers, little beef wellingtons, a great selection of cheeses, and an awesome view of the happenings at Discovery Green downtown.  There was even a little set up for a wedding going on below us.  It was a gorgeous evening for it.

little appetizers in the lounge

View of Discovery Green 
We both went to the room and had some quiet time just relaxing in the room playing on our phones and Ipad.  Once I just started laughing and said, "Do you hear that?"  and Stephanie was like "what? the fact that you don't hear any children right now?"  We were so on the same page.  She said we should do this every weekend.

We took our time getting ready and it seemed so crazy to us that we went to dinner at 8:45.  We both kept saying how relaxing it was not to be on anyone's schedule!  Dinner was okay.  Not the best but still nice to take our time and relax and have dinner.  Did we get crazy? Did we go have drinks or find a band?  No way.  We went home, washed our faces, put on our pajamas and chilled in the bed.  I felt like I had a college roomie again.  

Ladies going to dinner

My new shoes out on the town 

The next morning after a great quiet night sleep in a bed by myself, we woke up and had a quick snack in the lounge.  We ventured to the rooftop and there was a great view of beautiful urban Houston living.  Funny story.  Stephanie went down to shower and I stayed behind to do my devotion.  I was in a chair with Matt Redman on the ipad, eyes closed as I prayed over my list and talked to God having such a great spiritual moment when I felt and heard someone take the chair beside me.  I opened my eyes and there was a guy there.  A found out shortly that he was a member of the LSU water polo team and yes, he had on a purple and gold Speedo!  The conversation that ensued was quite funny and I feel he was  the "loser" of a bet to come talk to me for sure!  After he left, I couldn't stop laughing to myself.  I thought, "Lord, what are you trying to tell me here?  Or is that your sense of humor to pull a prank on me today?"  Ha! 

Rooftop Sunday morning

Our last stop was one last amazing brunch at our favorite sport Hungry's in Rice Village.  What good is a girls weekend without something pink?  We tried the most delicious fresh raspberry mimosa's made with lemonade.  They were so so good.  We both lingered and laughed soaking up the last of our time together.  

Best mimosas ever

The sampler

As we headed "back to reality" we stopped and picked up " a yittle treat" as Eli would say for our boys back home.  We were happy to hear they survived.  All 4 of them had a spend the night party together at my house which also survived thank goodness.  My sweet boys were so happy to see me and both were of course, dressed in their super hero finest. 

Ring pops and coloring books for my little super heroes

It was such a luxury to be relaxed.  To not be in a hurry.  To not have to worry about anyone else's needs for the day.  Some times its truly necessary to stop, rest, and recharge.  I am blessed by a sweet hubby that gives me "a yittle treat" when needed.  

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