Let the Vacay Begin!

Last year at Thanksgiving we tossed around the idea of taking a summer vacation this year.  My aunt and uncle are fortunate to have a place in Cashiers, North Carolina and we were BLESSED that they offered to let us use it!  What made it even better is that everyone was on board and came to visit.  My parents, my Ma & Dave, my sister Gracie, brother JB & girlfriend Madison and the Clarks (aunt, uncle, and cousin!).  The plans were set and put into motion.  Not only did we manage a mountain vacation but we also got a visit with Justin's sister, hubby, and sweet baby!

Beckett and Eli were very helpful in packing our bags for our 10 day trip.  :-)

We had an early morning flight (which ended up being awesome) into Atlanta so we had breakfast at the airport.  What better way to start of vacay than with Dunkin Donuts????

After breakfast we were ready to go!!  This boy couldn't wait to see Poppy & Dee Dee .. the other one couldn't either but he wouldn't be still for a picture :-)

 We arrived in Atlanta with relative ease and we were picked up by this crazy caravan. Yes!  We had so much luggage my dad brought a trailer.  Yee haw!  That's us rednecks at the Atlanta Airport :-)

We met my brother and Madison at Cracker Barrel but on the way, the boys got in a nap to kick off their vacation time (yes, Beckett is sleeping behind his shades!) That is how cool he is.

After lunch is was time to get this caravan headed north.  We took I-85 through Atlanta and made our first stop at the South Carolina welcome center.  How cool was this stop?  I was totally impressed South Carolina (and so were the boys). They had games and they gave them little cars.  It was a great place to stretch our legs before "heading up the mountain."

Free WIFI!!  

How cool is this?  A listing of roadside markets
 asking you to buy local to support SC.  LOVE

The drive up the mountain was curvy but so beautiful.  I got to sit in the front with Poppy and enjoy the view.  Look at the view from the backseat!  Naps times 3!!

When we arrived, Ma & Dave were already there acting as the welcoming crew.  First order of business?  Backing that trailer down the mountain and in the garage.  A challenge? No way!  JB popped it right in there on the first shot (must be all that excellent coaching from the other men!)

And what was the first order of vacation business?  The grocery store of course.  All us women headed down the hill to the Ingles to stock up on goodies.  Love this grocery store.  Super impressed with their natural and organic selections to be in such a small town.  3 carts of groceries later (and a lot of laughs) - we were headed back up.

Can you believe this view from their back deck?  Poppy manned the steak on the grill, Justin relaxed with wine, the boys played like crazy, and the girls cooked up great sides.  

We stayed up way to late and talked way too much :-) but every minute was priceless.  

The sun set on the first day of vacation with a fire on the deck, Bubba on the guitar, and sweet smiles on our faces.