Now I know that it is not the end of May and we have one full week left, but we are preparing for vacation and I know that I will have so much to blog about when I get home!  I wanted to go ahead and share/document some fun happenings in our lives this month. It's pretty much an annual tradition that we travel around Memorial Day because of the holiday break and because someone that writes this blog is having a birthday next week :-)  

The boys finished up a series of swim lessons at the YMCA.  They made huge progress in 4 weeks and Justin even commented how cool it was to see that on the first week they wouldn't do some of the activities to the last week they were leading the way.  We obviously aren't Michael Phelps yet :-) but we came along way in re-establishing their comfort level in the pool.

We also did a little painting which the boys loved.  I am going to try and do more of this activities. Surprisingly they did much better and less messier than I envisioned.  And of course we have some original masterpieces for the fridge.

We played a TON in the backyard on the back porch.  Justin says we look like the Clampett's back there.  I say it looks like FUN!  I want to share this video which is classic of them playing together.. especially the point where I had to stop and intervene!

Outside fun.. he said "ready for the mission!"

Eli learned to help Mommy make lunches (Beckett so not interested.. he much rather sit with books while I make lunch)

We shopped for birthday presents at the cool toy store near us.  The boys love it and honestly I was impressed that they only had a slightest small meltdown when we left.  It was like 30 seconds and they recovered.  Unfortunately we did not get to go to the party because the dreaded stomach virus got us!  It went through the family fast and furious this month.

And as always, we got some really good naps. Oh how I love this sweet pumpkin face.

We had our "last" day of school.  No pictures because technically they are enrolled in summer school - not remedial.. ha!  Just fun and they will have the same teacher.  We are missing the end of year program because we are on vacation!  But here are a couple of fun art projects they brought home.

And we said "happy summer" to our small group from church. We don't meet during June and July just resume late August so our leaders have a break and everyone can enjoy these long Sunday afternoons by the pool here in Texas.  We had a small potluck and a friend made the most amazing cupcakes. Yummers.  The little ones sure thought so!

And here we go!  Happy Summer kicking off this weekend!!!  I can't wait for a summer full of fun, sun, water, and new adventures.  Have a safe and happy Memorial Day everyone!


The Riley's