Waterfalls, The Highlands, and Cornucopia

When I talked to Eli and Beckett about going to the mountains they both said they wanted to see a waterfall.  "Like Sally & McQueen" specifically.  For those of you Cars fans you will remember there is a lovely "mountain scene" where they go for drive by a huge waterfall.  

So on Saturday morning we all headed out to see the waterfalls.  The caravan included all but Ma & Dave.  The first stop Bridal Veil falls.  The first time we went by it those sweet boys were sleeping.  We looked around but headed to a new stop so they would be awake.  On the way back they were awake and honestly weren't to sure about it.  They loved looking at it but they DID not want to get wet by it!  

First stop 

Sleepy mountain boys

Cutest mountain feet I have ever seen 

The crew behind the waterfall


The second falls was Dry Falls.  Now I don't know if I should post these pictures because the whole time I was terrified we were going to jail.  Why? Because it was CLOSED. But that didn't stop my husband from convincing everyone to jump the barricades, go down a construction path, jump obstacles, and be totally breaking the law to see the falls. 

Oh yeah.. breaking the law

Um.. see.. that is why we aren't supposed to be here!

As close as we could get

Mountain potty break :-) 

After a morning of nature we worked up quite an appetite so we stopped in The Highlands for lunch.  They were having an arts and crafts festival so we walked by to check it out. 

Every good mountain day calls for pizza!  We had lunch at Brick Oven Pizza (unfortunately no brick oven :-)  But we still enjoyed ourself and the pizza didn't stand a chance once it came to the table. 

Hmm.. and wouldn't you know?  There was a Sweet Treats right next door.  With a train! And a case full of goodies! And ice cream! Oh yeah.. and two SUPER EXCITED little boys.

Checking out the goods

Really enjoyed their ice cream

This is quite possibly my favorite series of photos from the trip. I LOVE THIS FACE!  And this face L-O-V-E-S ice cream!

LOVES his ice cream

and his Poppy

She is too cool for ice cream pics :-)
After that morning the boys had HUGE naps and its a good thing because we had an awesome family dinner planned with Laura, Colby, and the girls!  Laura got us reservations at an awesome restaurant in Cashiers called Cornucopia.  We had a huge deck basically all to ourself.  They had this great little creek behind it with a bridge and a grassy area for playing.  The boys had so much fun with their new cars their cousins gave them.  

Look at these crazy boys!  Get out of the picture

Cute girls
JB & Madison

Ma & Dave

How gorgeous are these cousins.. and Gracie just got her braces off!!

Aunt Laura & Uncle Colby :-)

BYOB.. of course we had wine!

How cute are these car cases that their cousins gave them?


Hands down.. the BEST most amazing tuna I have ever had.  EVER

Precious Abigail showing off her back handspring she perfected since our last visit

Sun setting on our party 

A little photo shoot.. 

Poppy and the kids 

They played, they ate, we laughed, and at the end.. we celebrated my birthday with everyone!  Cupcakes all around..

And what could have been better to finish off a beautiful mountain evening? Another fire, sweet Bubba singing and the most amazing craft brew selection you have ever seen each individually hand selected in The Highlands... whew.. take me back :-)

2 of my absolute favorites

a $6 bottle beer - Midas Touch Dogfish.. golden nectar worth every penny :-)

Table tennis.. watch for Abigail! She is a shark!

The Riley's