In Between Vacations

We got home from Atlanta on a Saturday, quickly recovered, and then welcomed Big Poppy, Gamma, & Cricket on Wednesday.  The boys were thrilled to see them and could not wait for them to get here.  Eli helped me in the kitchen to prepare one of our favorite Greek Chicken & Quinoa meals for them. 

Stirring it up

They jumped right into playing of course...

Big Poppa playing "Tow Mater"

Eli too!
While they were here we had lots of fun!  A special treat?  Beckett went on his first trip to the bookstore with Gamma & Mom and Eli went with Big Poppa & Daddy to get his hair cut at the big boy barber.

We ate lots of yummy meals and splurged on some "delicious" treats as well!

We had lots of love too!

And we had lots of critter excitement too.  For 4 months we have been tormented by what we thought was a raccoon but have learned that it was a family of raccoons.  Big Poppa brought some supplies, Justin gathered his, and they decided it was time to end our raccoon problem.  After nights of trying with no success, on Sunday morning Gamma walked Cricket.  As she was coming to the garage there was lots of barking and craziness and she stumbled upon the raccoons in my garage!  They trapped 2 in the garage, 2 outside, and one got away.  So only 1 raccoon remains at large :-)

A curtain rod with a rope lasso on the end!

Certainly we are blessed with back to back family visits! 


The Riley's