Celebrating Dad

You know we love holidays around here especially ones where we get to surprise Daddy and make things.  I think I have blogged before about how much the boys love to paint.  I actually took them to the store to pick out cards for him and for their granddaddies and great granddads.  I asked them while we were there if they wanted to paint one for Dad or buy one and they both agreed..  "paint one!"

How awesome was it this year that my dad was here too?  Poppy and Dee Dee flew in on Saturday before Father's Day to not only spend Sunday morning with us but to get ready to drive me and the boys to the beach!  Sunday morning we all went to church together and heard a great message.

Daddy, Poppy, and their boys

Daddy and his little ones

Love this! Giving daddy kisses :-)
We went to brunch after church which is always a gamble with the boys.  They did great at first but 2 things worked against us. One - they were out of high chairs so we couldn't strap them down. Two - the food took an hour to come!  It was delicious (best crepes ever) but exhausting with the wild indians with us.  We ended up taking turns going outside with them to play in the fountains.  It was a gorgeous day!

Reading the card to daddy

Lululemon - Justin was so excited 
showing off the paintings

Checking out his special sign I had made 

Justin's favorite place on earth.. sweet memories

Gorgeous day!

playing in the fountains with Dee Dee

After the lunch we came home, loaded the car, gave Daddy one last round of hugs because we were headed out.. TO THE BEACH!  I told Justin that its always a good Father's Day when you get a quiet house with a nap right?  Well, it must have been a good Father's Day for Poppy too because the 3 boys in the back didn't even make it out of Houston before they were snoozing :-)

We had such a special day celebrating the men that we love so much in our lives.  Hope you did too!


The Riley's