Our Atlanta Adventure

After ending our mountain vacation, we were dropped off in Atlanta to spend a couple of days with Justin's sister, hubby, and 6 month old Emmaline.  They moved to Ga in January shortly after Emmaline was born.  We want the boys and her to be close so we are always looking for ways to get time in together. 

The boys were crazy ready to get out and stretch their legs when we got to Aunt Lauren's and they have an amazing beautiful backyard.  We hung out on the back and they played with some surprises she picked up for them.  Later that night we put the kids to bed, grabbed a glass of wine, and sat up way too late on the back porch catching up.  It felt so good to be with Lauren and Preston, our kids tucked in safe and sound, and to enjoy a beautiful friendship on a gorgeous Atlanta night. 

Emmaline was very sweet to share her toys with her big cousins.  They played with everything and checked out everything in the house.  I think they loved Aunt Lauren's spice rack the best :-)

On Friday we had a special treat and went to the Georgia Aquarium.  Now, I did have to fact check Justin on this but it really is home of the largest aquarium in the world!  I have mentioned several times about the boys being obsessed with Disney's Octonauts?  Well, they were in love with the aquarium.. and they knew so many creatures as they call them.

Sweet Emmaline had a great time too!

When we got to the big aquarium Eli walks right in, takes a look at the biggest "fish" I have ever seen and says " Mom!  That's a whale shark!"  I was like ok.  But then, we found out that they aquarium houses the only whale sharks in the US.  Eli was right!  Ha!  And they say kids shouldn't watch tv. I tell you right now, I didn't teach him about the whale shark :-)  I didn't even know it existed!

The whale shark 

The highlight was the dolphin show.  The one where you aren't supposed to take pictures. Here are the 3 I managed to snap with my phone.  This was an awesome show.  The theme was a battle between the dolphins and an evil sea creature.  It had pirates and everything the boys loved.  They are still talking about the dolphins!

After a very full morning the boys were getting really tired and hungry.  We walked (forever) to a brewery that had pizza and the boys ate so much!  We finally ended up getting our food to go because the kids were over it taking so long and headed home.  One of the sweetest moments:  In the backseat, I looked around and Eli was holding Emmaline's hand in the car.  She was turned around backwards facing so they had a good look at each other adn he was so sweet to her.  He got embarrassed when I mentioned it :-) They took a huge nap (mom did too) and when they woke up, we went to visit Preston's parents in Alpharetta.  They have a gorgeous home and pool.  The boys attempted to swim but Eli's fingers turned blue!  So we ended up just playing, eating, and hanging out.  A great relaxing evening with such a nice family.


Saturday we had an afternoon flight so we went to a great park near their house in the morning.  The weather was just fantastic and we all enjoyed hanging out in the fresh air before we had to head back.

Uncle Preston the bubble man

Sweet girls
Before we left we dolled up the kiddos and grabbed a blanket for a cousin photo shoot.  How precious!  Eli & Beckett 2.5 years old, Emmaline 6 months.

Love this sweet baby!!!

1st cousin L-O-V-E

The flight home was awful.  Just awful.  They lost our car seats and golf clubs.  We were delayed and in the airport forever.  The boys were totally over it and exhausted when we got home.  But you know what?  We would never let it ruin the AMAZING time we had on vacation.

We debated this vacation for a long time.  Thinking you know that Beckett and Eli will probably never remember it.. so was it worth it.  I will tell you that when we came home, Justin even made the comment that it seemed like they grew up so much during the trip. Their language and vocabulary shot through the roof, they have such a closer relationship with their aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents now.. it was totally worth it.  Traveling with 2 toddlers can either be looked at as crazy & stressful or an adventure of a lifetime.  We are blessed to have so much family and so many loved ones that spend time with us and love us.. and I know they are doubly blessed by my sweet boys.  Can't wait for our next trip.... (hint, hint) Ha!  


The Riley's