Oh Raleigh Dog

Well before we had kids, these 2 furry ones were like our babies.  And you know how it goes, the babies come inside and the dogs are out!  They are still part of our family but live on a lovely shaded back porch with a great backyard full of squirrels, birds, and raccoons to chase.

A few months ago, Raleigh began to limp and we took her in.  Hip issues are hereditary and genetic with Springer Spaniels and we found out that she has hip dysplasia on one side.  We did some anti-inflammatories and cortisone shots.  Added glucosamine to her diet and got her a nice new padded bed.  It got better, then it got worse.  We noticed that she started limping really badly and wouldn't walk on her other leg.  We took her in at hundreds of dollars in xrays later we find out that she has a torn ACL.  Basically ripped in half and needed a whole new knee. Yep, a knee replacement for my dog.  Not even going to tell you what those costs.

We called around and got her in at LSU school of medicine and Justin drove her over to Baton Rouge for a 3 day stay there with their medic team and 24 hour observation by the students.  She is now at home and has to stay off the leg and in a kennel for 6 weeks.  Those of you who know my crazy nutty Raleigh this is some challenge for her. 

Before she got home the boys had a great time preparing for her arrival.. they loved this game!

I started feeling bad for her one day so drug the kennel outside so she could get some fresh air.  Oyster is pitiful and lays at the back door crying for her.  She laid right beside her cage when Raleigh came to visit outside.

Raleigh is doing great now.  Too great almost.  We really have to hold her and confine her now that she is feeling better because she tries to run after every squirrel and bird on her small trips out of confinement.  We are almost 3 weeks in and she will start rehab next week at the vet and get her space shield off (which she absolutely hates).  Then 3 more weeks in the kennel and we can let her loose a little.

It is better than I thought it would be at first.  She actually goes back in the kennel when she is told and that makes a big difference.  However when Justin is out of town, I have 3 babies I have to take care of :-)

We are hoping she recovers quickly and won't need a hip replacement for a few more years.  Until then, she in enjoying her indoor stay-cation .. doesn't look all that bad!

relaxing in the kennel


The Riley's