Mother's Day Week (End)

Mother's day around here was really a week long event.  I posted HERE about our car shopping adventures on the previous weekend.  On Monday, Justin and I dropped the boys off at school at hit the dealership where we found the one we wanted.  After hours of haggling and calling other places, we walked.  No deal.  I was bummed. He was frustrated.  We came home and talked about it and they he went back out again while the boys napped.

I had found a car on Autotrader for sale through a leasing company that leases cars to oil companies.  It was a good price with very low miles so he went to check it out.  He came home and said he didn't think it would work out.  Well Tuesday morning I take the boys to the gym in his car because he says he is going to take my car one last time and try to trade it before he left town.  He text me while we were at the gym and said "no go".  I was bummed but gave myself a pep talk all the way home.. until I turned the corner and there was my new car in the driveway.  Stinker :-)  The boys love it. I love the captains in the 2nd row.  I love how it drives.  It was an awesome Mother's Day surprise. 

This week we worked hard and fast getting cards and gifts in the mail to our lovely ladies in our lives.  My Ma always always sings "you are my sunshine" to my sweet boys.  And she sang it to me. And my great grandparents sang it to me and sang it to my mom.  It's a special song in our house.  I originally saved some art they made in MDO and took it to get framed but custom framing was a no go (um.. outrageous these people) so I took to Pinterest and found a better idea HERE.  No instructions or tutorial but I have been to enough sipping and stroking classes to think I had this one handled. Fortunately I had a trusty assistant and a Cricut :-) I love how it turned out.. and most importantly.  Ma did too!

I just have to show you how absolutely adorable Dee Dee was on Mother's Day in her new monogrammed sun hat I sent her.  And her new car is pretty cute too.. 

And the beautiful women of family on Mother's Day.. sad that I couldn't celebrate with them but we did get a great facetime Sunday morning and the boys said "Happy Mother's Day".  This picture is before they headed out for  girls night at a hotel!

On Wednesday, I put the boys down for nap and the doorbell rang. Much to my surprise a very "sweet" special treat arrived early for me!  (and the boys too) Actually I think Justin has eaten the most!

And who might have sent this I wondered?  My precious brother and his darling girlfriend of course.  Yep.. this card made me cry!

Now, when the boys woke up.. that is when the real excitement began. I waited to open it so they could help me.  They giggled and squealed.. they ate and ate.  They laughed at each other and helped me "pick the fruit".

Listen to this video!  Doesn't it make you want to order one?  Maybe I should send it to them :-)

Did you know that buried underneath the fruit and chocolate covered deliciousness is kale?  Well, now I am really excited.  I pulled it all out and made a new recipe on Sunday night that included a kale pesto.  It was so yummy! 

And.. I used the fruit for smoothie's too!  Oh yeah.. including the chocolate.  

The rest of the week was fun too.  Cards (with a special treat inside.. thanks Dee Dee & Poppy) and a new hairdryer (so desperately needed from my Ma!   

And we cannot forget the sweet precious gifts that Beckett & Eli made me at school.  Eli ate my chocolate off his on the way home from school.  His teacher said that he had been asking all day.  They both greeted me at the door to give them to me when I picked them up.  Eli said "look at what I made mommy" and Beckett said "Beckett made it Beckett made it" while jumping up and down.  I love them both and treasure them of course!

On Saturday morning we had a great and busy day.  Eli got a haircut at the old time barber shop that Justin started using.  Justin loves that its been there 60 years and owned by the same family.  3 old men barbers and 3 chairs.  Haircuts $12.  NO. I did not let them near Beckett's gorgeous mane with those clippers! I was sweating just watching Eli's little bit of hair fall on the floor.  He was such a big boy.  He ate his sucker and pretty much held out through most of the cut.  Beckett just enjoyed the free candy and hung out with me on the bench.

Their favorite part?  The barber gave them a quarter and let them put it in an old fashioned gum ball machine.  Eli still talks about it!

Then we went to a new park that I found and wanted to show Justin.  It was awesome.  We did 3.25 miles with the jogging stroller (the boys danced, squealed and thought it was awesome to run in the woods) and then let the boys play on the playgrounds. Next it was off to lunch.

There is a small airport near us and the park and we have always talked about eating at their diner so we stopped in for lunch. Exciting stuff watching airplanes while you eat and when the helicopter came in..whew.  Too much excitement :-)

On Saturday night, I got some girl time!  I went shopping and to dinner for the birthday of one of my best and dearest friends Jen. Always makes the weekend special to send time with her. Not a single picture though :-(  Except the one I text Justin because I was so proud that I parallel parked.. saved money and got it on the first shot thanks to my new rearview camera!

On Sunday morning, I got surprised by my little boys before church.  All the pictures are with my camera phone because I had Eli in the bathroom going potty and here comes Beckett down the hallway holding a card and dragging  a big bag.  Eli gets up and runs to get his too.  I just grabbed my phone and moved to the hallway to see what my surprises were.  They were thrilled to give them to me.  I love their sweet homemade cards to and how the "read" them to me.  They put animal stickers on them.  Eli said "dis one says zebra, giraffe, and me-tar (guitar)" and Beckett said "dis one says elmo mommy and love"  Ah.. the best part of Mother's Day :-)  oh and the hugs and kisses.  Well, my Lululemon workout shorts and salad spinner are pretty cool too!

reading his card

Beckett blue and Eli yellow 

Church was wonderful and the boys made the cutest handprint art in their Sunday school class.

I got a Mother's Day nap!  Whoo hoo!  We got take out for lunch and then all 4 got a wonderful Sunday afternoon nap followed by pool time at the neighbors.  Justin then grilled me a fabulous Mother's Day dinner.  We even tried out the grilled avocados.  The were yummy!

Now that is the perfect ending to a perfect Mother's Day full of love and hugs and kisses.. and yummy food :-)  

Happy Mother's Day!


The Riley's