Cinco De Mayo Carro de Compras

The title of this post is impressive right? Thank goodness for online translation :-)   Basically on the 5th of May we went car shopping to celebrate!  So the story of the car shopping is so random.  New car no where on the radar and then bam! Something happens to mine.  We take it for repairs, get the estimate and Justin says to me, "we are not putting that kind of money into that car." Ok by me!  Ever since staying at home I had been lobbying for a smaller more fuel efficient SUV but hadn't convinced Justin.   But now that he was on board, let's go!

Was I thrilled about the idea of car shopping with twin 2.5 year old boys, NO WAY!  But we did it.  We loaded up and headed out.  I had a mental list already in my head of what I would want so that narrowed it down.  Justin said only American ( we have only owned foreign cars until this point) and a year ago we rented a Chevy Traverse when we were on vacation and I fell in love with the captains chairs in the 2nd row and the room but yet small size. It was at the top of our list so first stop Chevy dealership.  The boys loved the Traverse too :-)

And then we went by Ford to try Explorers.

Beckett and Eli fell in love at the Dodge/Jeep dealership! 

But really they liked every place because every place had popcorn or candy and balloons.  (let me just insert how proud I am that they used the potty all day at the dealerships.. whoo hoo!)

After a super hard day of wheeling and dealing, we decided to grab a Cinco De Mayo dinner.  I wanted to go Fajita Willies because they have a sandbox.  And of course Justin was like "oh yeah, with everyone else in Houston that wants to eat Mexican food today." But as luck would have it, Fajita Willie's was prepared and it turned out to be a highlight of our weekend!  The band was playing, colored lights over heads, bounce houses, face painting, balloon animals, sandbox, whew... the boys loved it and Justin and I got to enjoy a yummy dinner and a couple of drinks too!

What car did we end up with??  Stay tuned for our Mother's Day posts!  


The Riley's