A Whole Lot of Love

Well.. we didn't need Valentine's Day to prove it but boy, are these 2 little boys (and their mom & dad) LOVED.  Miles away the distance did not stop our families or us from having a great Valentine's day filled with lots of love and sweet memories.

The packages started starting arriving a couple of days before with Eli's standard "someone's at the door!" They love when we get deliveries that they get to open!  Ma sent Justin & I an amazing basket from Harry & David with apples, granola, trail mix, nuts, and delicious pears.  We broke it open too fast for me to get a picture!  Then on Monday we got lots of fun surprises from Dee Dee, Poppy, Gamma, Big Poppa, and Ma!  3 packages arrived!

Loved their "cool cars" as Eli said

And as always .. the package contained a singing animal

Beckett gave it kisses

Eli immediately took his car to the race track

Play race cars mommy!

New coloring books and stickers from Gamma & Big Poppa!

What's in the box?

Cool!  A toy story punching bag

The boys loved these Toy Story cards - 3D

To Infinity and Beyond! - one for each little one

What was in the boxes for me?  New ballet Toms (that arrived last week) and a new addition to my bracelet.. a gorgeous heart and 2 clips..

The boys were wearing the above outfits (way to small pants and tees) because they had been doing the prep work earlier in the afternoon for their daddy's Valentine gift. Custom designed art :-) I was nervous at first about the washability claim of this paint, but pleasantly surprised it came right off the floor, feet, and clothes!

my helper wiped the floor up
Oh.. and what else had they been up to?  Eating their 1st Fun Dip! I loved these as a kid. Mine did too. But they make a huge mess and they were BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS.  May be another year before we eat these again.

The night before I got everything ready for them.  Justin was laughing and calling me "your mom" as I prepared for the big day. I remember growing up every Valentine's day we would have a treat and balloons or something waiting at the table when we came down.  I love that!  I hit the Dollar Tree for my decorations and the grand total was $7 so Justin couldn't really complain.  Besides, he knew it was totally worth it when he saw their reactions the next morning!

Their mailboxes Poppy and Dee Dee gave them a couple of weeks ago when we were home so I just filled them back up with treats.  Look at these guys!  What is better that a their big toys?  A little Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and Bullseye.  I knew they would love them. Also inside was a bag of pink marshmellows and a fruit roll up.  They also ate heart shaped watermelon that their daddy cut for them.

A couple of videos I took that morning.  They were so excited!

Mommy and Daddy also got some love and surprises on Valentine's morning.  

shirts from the boys - Beckett on the left, Eli on the right

Brining daddy his present

And what Valentine is complete without chocolate covered strawberries from my boys, a hotel room for future use when I need to get away and a gift certificate to my favorite spa!  These boys know that Mommy's favorite gift is always relaxing :-)

When I got the gym on Tuesday morning and went to the women's center to check in, their was a simple post it note on the water cooler and it said.  "Happy Valentine's Day!  Jesus Loves You!" It made my eyes water thinking, "yes. yes He does." I said a prayer of gratitude right then and there and then prayed for those missing a loved one or without family in their life to shower them with love.  We have been learning a stanza in church for memorization regarding The Gospels at is says "There is nothing I can do to make You love me more, and there is nothing I can do that would make You love me less."  That is the BEST kind of love.  The Love of our Father is always with you.  How reassuring this Valentine's Day!  Hope you had a great one :-)


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