BBQ Cook Off 2012

Every year the last weekend of February brings the World's Largest BBQ cook off to Houston to kick off the Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo.  We have been blessed to have tickets every year to awesome tents and have been 4 years now.. the boys have been 3!  Haven't missed a year.  You can read about their 1st year HERE and their 2nd year HERE :-)

I got the boys all dressed up in their cowboy gear - which they love! And we headed down to meet dad.  I was hoping for a good nap in the car so I left their boots off and loaded them up in their socks.  We get in the car and start leaving and Eli says "Wait!  I'm missing my boots!"  Don't worry buddy. Mommy got them!

Eli started off the trip not wanting to leave his favorite grey hat behind so I packed 3 hats for the day!  Here we are getting ready to go in. 

What better way to kick off a day at a carnival? Funnel cake.. Beckett and I had a little snack.

And then we hit the rides!  They LOVED them.  After the Filmore ride Eli got off and ran to me and said "Mommy this is fun!"  I agree sweet boy.  Beckett loved the rides so much that he threw a huge tantrum every time it was done and his turn was over.  And it made him really grumpy.  Until he was riding again!  Thank goodness the lines weren't too long.

LOVE LOVE Beckett's Face

How cute are these cowboys???

When the sun went down, whew. It got COLD.  And it started to drizzle too so we headed to the tent and bundled the boys up in the precious jackets Aunt Lauren gave us for Christmas.  The perfect cowboy gear. 

The tent

Even enjoyed a little dancing :-) Don't you love that Beckett is already picking up chicks?

The day just got colder and colder so we loaded up and headed home.  Another fun and successful rodeo under our belts.  Yee Haw!


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