66 Valentine's

Valentine's Day was quite the long drawn out event around here.  See my little ones are in MDO that meets 3 days a week.  Mine go 2 days a week.  Well, some kids only go 1 day a week so that means that they have a Valentine party every day for a week.  They are in separate classes which means 12 kids per class x 2 classes x 2 different days = 48 Valentine's for mom to make!  Whoo hoo!

I am so loving Pinterest for the fact that I was able to pull this off on a tight budget and they turned out super cute.  For the first day I went with this design found at Design Mom.  Free downloadable, all I had to do was cut.  My kids are obsessed with those pop up things? They got some for Christmas so when I saw them at US Toy 12 for $2.50 I knew they would be perfect!  And I already had the jute.  Yep.. I'm wild about these Valentines :-)

I knocked those out pretty easy in the beginning.  Next came the family Valentine's.  You may remember that last year we did the cutest photo cards ever with a photographer and all that jazz.  Not in the budget this year (side note.. look who is on Etsy modeling their oh so fabulous shirts from last year??)

 Ok.  Back to this year.  So my inspiration came from this pin on Pinterest from Brown Paper Packages.  I had the ribbon, had the pink paper, bought everything else either on sale or with coupons at Hobby Lobby and was ready to go. She has a place to download or save but I couldn't get it to work and I almost scrapped the whole thing but then I thought to myself. "you have this Mac. You have the ability. Just sit down and do it yourself." Done!  Way easier than I thought too!  Justin assisted me with the thumb printing but it was hands on for sure even though we used washable ink.  The boys helped with the hole punching and off they all 12 went in the mail to our family. 

working to get them all on the page

ready for thumbprints

Eli getting thumbprinted

All the cards done!  

Cut the polka dot "frames" with my cricut


Boys taking turns between ipad and hole punching

ipad break.. crafting is hard work

Finished card ready for the mail!
Then I got sick.  Boo.  Yuck.  And instead of using nap time to work on my Valentine's, I had to take naps to survive the day. And Justin had to watch the boys one afternoon so I could rest.  The next day's Valentine's were precious and I got the printable here from The Fry Family which I found through Tip Junkie website.  I had all intentions of making them fancier with my cricut but **sigh** too tired!  They really were cute. Little bulldozers.  And this crappy picture is all I took too!

Teacher gifts!  So easy!  Found a printable online free here by googling "strawberry valentine printable" and its the first that came of here at Design Dazzle.  I knew that was what I was looking for because I hit the 5 for $15 hand soap sale at Bath and Body to get a quick $3 teacher gift which they LOVED. (Best of all, 4 teachers so that left 1 for me!) They even wrote me a note that they had a blowout diaper and it was made so much better by having the yummy soap to wash with afterwards :-)  The scent is "Fresh Picked Strawberries"

I found these precious mailboxes in the $1 spot at Target and they just screamed.. CRICUT me!  We gave these to our sweet twin girl friends next door.  Filled with yummy treats of course.

Whew.. there are all 66 Valentine's that I crafted this year. Or maybe I should call them semi homemade.  That's a lot of LOVE.. It's always fun to see the recipient be excited and its fun that Beckett and Eli were able to help a little this year with the family Valentine's.  We look forward to spreading lots of love year after year :-)


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