Power outages, Play Gyms, and Play Grounds

This post is very random.  A very random collection of the "small" things that have been happening over the last month.  Timing of all these events might not quite be in order but that's ok. I just wanted to document and share some of our daily adventures and happenings.

During the time that Grandma passed away we had some really bad storms.  Bad enough that we decided that we should leave and drive as the rain/roads would be terrible but wait one more day before heading home. I am so glad we did!  About 10:00am we were all 4 in the house and it was really really storming.  We heard this horrible sound that I now refer to as "Alf" landing in the back yard. Followed by 5 ft flames and lots of smoke coming from the transformer in our backyard.  We have now learned that the backyard flooded in that corner, causing it to short leaving our grid of neighborhood without power for about 24 hours.  And causing I get you not almost 100 hazmat crew team members and power workers to be in and out of our yard with equipment, cranes, you name it until 3am.  Whew.  It was crazy.   It ended up spilling about 50 gallons of oil (did you know there is oil in the older versions of these things?) and they brought in a truck load of kitty litter!  Right now it has been raining so much that they have everything cleaned up and smoothed over but haven't resodded the corner yet. 

The scene in front of my house. It's on the right this looking down our street

Whoo hoo for ipad's.  We kept them charged in the car

Glow stick fun!

We have been having lots of fun and activities on our daily adventures.   We found several new play gyms that the boys love. 

This one has a "disco tunnel" that Beckett loved!

And this new playground that we found had tons of bridges and cool tunnels for running and hiding.

We have had lots of fun lessons.  Both boys will sit for the start of the lesson, about half way through I usually lose Eli and Beckett finishes.  Eli is all about the video (I usually find an ipad video of our topic) and the craft.  When the coloring section or art comes he is out and goes and plays cars :-)  But he is the first to need to tell Daddy all about it when he gets home from work so he must enjoy and be paying attention.  At least I hope so.  We recently did a lesson on strawberries and planted some little ones I found in the $1 spot at Target. 

They came home from school with their first twinkie.  Eli loved the marshmellows but not the twinkie.  Beckett wouldn't eat any of it.  Ok by me for sure :-)  Topic at school that week was cars.

They are still sweet singers and learning more and more songs.  We are loving toddler radio on Pandora.  We listen to it in the car and while they take baths.  Here is Eli on mike that his Ma gave him.

And in the car :-)

Finally after a month we have adjusted to the schedule and most of the tears have stopped!  Success 2 days at school, they are now RUNNING into the gym play while I work out, and Sunday school drop off was a success with no tears this week!  We also started toddler time at the library which I was super nervous about because I thought they would pull all the books for the shelf but I was pleased to find out they have a separate room for it.  It was packed but lots of fun.  We do this one morning a week.

Beckett 27 months going to church

Eli 27 months going to church 

donuts before church!

Eli picked sprinkles

Toddler time Barbara Bush library

Beckett has really really started putting words together into sentences and little opinions.  He has also started referring to himself as "the Beckett"  ie.  "the Beckett wants his blanket" "the Beckett do it Mommy" "the Beckett watch Woodie"  Beckett has become my champion sleeper right now.  I will forever remember his crazy hair, usually with a diaper and tshirt and socks running down the hall to get in his own bed, pull up the covers, and go to sleep.  Seriously does this by himself.  I usually lay down beside him just because I want to at nap time and pat his back and sing Jesus Loves me.  This week? He was in there singing it to himself. So sweet!  Eli is so full of words and phrases.  This week he said "Oh goodness gracious!"  He also says "Hey, no way!" if he doesn't like something going on.  He calls lego's "mingos" and always wants to play with them at the gym.  They both are still OBSESSED with Woody and Toy Story.  They will specifically ask for 1 - "Woody & Buzz" or part 2 "Woody and Jessie" and Part 3 "Woody and Lotso" and don't try and trick them because you can't find the right one.  They know.  Starting at the beginning credits which one you put in!  Eli sleeps with Hamm (the pig or "ebil doctow powk chop" as he calls him and the dinosaur) Beckett sleeps with Woody every night.

We have been loving Facetime with friends and family.  Truly our ipad's and sharing that time has been a blessing.  The boys love to show everything they have to their grandparents when they call.  And they have even started giving kisses too while face timing.  We had a very special call with Dee Dee on her birthday.  We are looking forward to February and working hard on our Valentines for our class parties, teachers, and families.  Everyday is a new adventure and everyday is a blessing with my two little best friends.  

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