Beach Day

While we were home we got an unexpected blessing.. a day trip to the beach!  The weather was amazing.  The perfect sunny temperature to enjoy the day.  It was quite an adventure packing up my 2 toddlers and a 2 month old baby their parents, grandparents, diaper bags, and gear but we did it and headed out for a great day.  Here is how we occupied the boys while we waited on everyone else.  Bike rides!

Eating somewhere with a playground is a necessity so we headed to Destin to the Back Porch. Yummy lunch. Beautiful water and sand, perfect temps, ocean breeze blowing.  HEAVEN! And exactly what we needed.  God is so good!

Baby Emmaline enjoyed napping to the ocean breeze
After eating we played in the sand a little ...

And of course, acted like "tourist" as Uncle Preston says and got great beach shots.  

Riley Family 2012

The "kids"

Being "tourist"

Gotcha.. dueling "mom camera's"

Beckett says "ROLL TIDE"
We then loaded up and headed to the pier in Ft Walton.  The boys LOVED it. LOVED it.  I mean seriously.  They chased birds, they fed popcorn to birds, and they chased more birds.  Then they played in the sand on the playground and then to top it off Eli says to me "Eli want to touch ocean".  So we went down to the water and I let him touch it.   He thought that was so cool.  

There is a baby under there!  Staying out of the wind

Bird chasing! 

After a sunny day, we headed back home with great memories full of sweet laughter and healing times.  My boys have not stopped talking about it.  They are finally at the age that their roots and mom and dad's beach bug has bitten.  Even today I asked them did they want to go to the playground and they both said "no, go to beach".  Eli said "touch ocean mommy. Eli want to touch ocean."  Me too sweetheart.. me too :-)

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