Daily Antics of 28 Months!

As the boys get older and moved past 2, I know that we don't count months anymore but for the record we are now 28 months old.  And we seem to be so big and changing and growing each and every day.  One of the biggest blessings of being at home with them so much is getting a front row seat to the new words, phrases, antics, and talents of these 2.  

February was actually a relatively quiet month for us in terms of travel, friends, and family. No one came to visit. Gone are my days of working almost every Saturday. So what did we do?  Lots of family time, church, and settling into new routines.

One Saturday morning we woke up with no plans.  Justin said, let's go explore the Sam Houston park and take the boys fishing. Sure!  Let's do it.  After a crazy drive through lots of roads (thank goodness for iphone GPS) we found a small fishing hole called Kelley's pond. Not impressed but the boys didn't know the difference.  We even stopped and got worms!

And where was Beckett during all this fishing fun? Taking a GOOD nap.  He eventually woke up and tried a little fishing but resulted in his new favorite phrase "Beckett can't do it." (More on that later in this post.)

A picnic lunch!

The boys favorite part of the day?  Stopping by the awesome Northshore Park in the Woodlands on the way home :-)

See 2 of my loves on that bench on the right? GOD IS GOOD!

I had such a sweet moment with Beckett that day.  The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, I was thinking what a gorgeous day God created and Beckett asked to swing.  I put him in the swing and he turned his face up to the sun and had the biggest grin on his face while I was pushing.  He starts swinging back and forth and then he starts singing "Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so."  Ah.  The sweet spirit of a child.  Enjoying God's beautiful day and knowing the love of Jesus.  Did I cry? Did my eyes well up with the goodness of the Lord in that moment? You betcha!

We have been enjoying our gym days as well.  I think the boys are going to start gymnastics in the fall to help with their coordination and things so we go to a gym for open play every other Friday and they love it. I love it too. $5. Seriously.

Beckett normally doesn't try too hard.  If its getting challenging he stops.  Justin says he takes after his mom. Whatever :-)  However this day, I worked with him over and over to get him to try and swing from the rings.  Look how proud he is!

  Beckett's favorite phrases - "here Mommy" that means he wants me to do it. "Beckett can't do it." usually at top of slides, or when he can't reach things. "Do it" that means yes.  For example - do you want a biscuit?  "Do it" or "rock and roll"  Here are a couple o of videos of him that crack me up.  The first one shows  his sweet voice while we tried to wish Bubba a Happy Birthday. The 2nd one is a great example of his favorite phrases and how frustrated he gets!  

He is the sweetest cuddliest teddy bear that you have ever seen.  He asks for hugs all the time.  He wants to know where I am at all times.  And his smile and sweet face lights up my life. 
"mommy where are u? About 50 times a day.  But the best is too just listen to him play.  He is a singer for sure!  Besides Life is a Highway, You Got a Friend In Me, our new favorite is Joy Joy Down in My Heart!

Sweet story about my Beckett and his playing.  He was in his room playing with the nativity scene that we didn't get packed back up for Christmas.  I told Eli to go tell Beckett that it was time for cartoons and milk (starting bed time) and Eli goes running back there.  He  says "hey Beckett come on, cartoons and milk!" To which Beckett responded "Come on Jesus, cartoons and milk!"

My Eli gets bigger and bigger everyday.  Not just physically but how he is grasping conversation and words.  He really is quite the conversationalist and I love when I get quiet moments with him by myself to talk.  He tells me everything he sees when we drive in the car.  It's a lot of things.  Something always hurts too.  Boo boos, stumped toes, head bumps, etc.  He totally gets that from his mom. He is determined and strong.  However, he has a really sweet side that comes out mainly when he gets tired.  One of my favorite new routines is at nap time.  Beckett runs and gets in his bed and I go in to "put him to bed" and Eli comes with me.  He then always says "Beckett, I need a little kiss" And he will lean over and kiss Beckett on the head and say "night night" before taking off running for his room.  Probably the highlight of my day everyday.  

Here is one of his favorite phrase - What you talking bout?  We were on the playground with my moms group and I am standing talking to 2 moms right by the playground watching.  Eli keeps running by and waving, "hey mommy?  What you talking bout?" Everyone was cracking up! Justin and I can be in the kitchen or living room or wherever talking and he will run in and say "what you talking bout" Usually at the top of his lungs!

He loves to rock.  He always wants me to rock his toys too.  If he drops a toy or is playing pretend he brings me the toy to rock.  At night, I rock Mater, Lightening Mcqueen, Woody, or whatever current assortment he has selected for his bed.   He is really good and telling me what he wants or what is wrong which is huge.  This is usually done at the top of his lungs and with lots of emphasis. My passionate child :-)  He learned to blow bubbles!

Sweetest story: they are doing so good at Sunday school right now.  Loving their little class. Not crying at drop off, waving goodbye.  When we picked them up a couple of weeks ago after church they were in the best moods.  We were all 4 walking back to the car together and I was walking by Eli and we are talking.  He says "Hey mommy, we read a story" I said really Eli?  What was the story about?  and he said "Mommy, Eli learned about Jesus" oh yeah.  Water works.

And he is learning to keep his undies dry although these days this is hit or miss.  We have definitely regressed :-( but oh well.  We will get there.

Love how he crosses his feet and talks to me while we ride around. He probably just told me its "raining outside" Every morning he checks it out through the back window and lets me know!

We have had some really warm and sunny days. We were able to get outside and enjoy.  Can you believe they do this big slide all by themselves???

Why is Beckett's back wet?  Eli of course!

"come on Beckett"

And being outside brings... MISQUITO's.. or "kitos" as Eli says.  They are awful right now because we haven't had cold weather and tons of rain.  Beckett got several bites near his eye and the doctor thinks he had an allergic reaction to them!  Poor guy. 10 days of antibiotics for that one.

Mornings are the best!  Without the rush and stress of getting to school we have a lot of this ..

and this

Did I mention that I have the BEST job in the world? Can you tell that we are having lots of fun together?  I am GRATEFUL everyday for this time with them.  And for the Lord's grace and strength to giggle through the day with 2 28 month old boys!


The Riley's