Potties and Pirates

Tonight is the second night my sweet boys have slept in their "new beds".  I hesitate to call them big boy beds so I will call them bigger boy beds.  Recently Eli has started climbing out of his crib.  Sometimes leaving big scratches down his tummy (but never crying) or hurting himself enough to start so we decided it was time for beds.   We debated this a while back as to what kind and what we are going to do. I got so much advice to just take them straight to twins or big beds and skip the toddler bed (waste of money, have to do it later anyway, etc etc, my kids were fine, yadda yadda yadda) but in the end we voted on toddler beds.  The main reason being is the boys have my white wicker furniture from childhood in their room.  Now when they get older, they are certainly not going to want to have white wicker furniture.  We knew if we moved to big furniture we would have to go through the expense of replacing ALL the furniture not just the cribs.  And by then  we don't think we will live in this house or we might want to bunk them eventually.  Justin found the boat beds in Pottery Barn Kids and fell in LOVE with them.  We were not however in LOVE with the price.  But don't you love the internet?? I found these Kolcraft toddler boat beds for a fraction of the price.  I mean, you are only little once right? Might as well sleep in a boat bed while you can!

On Sunday, after church we headed home to put the beds together. Justin assured me he could get both beds together before nap (roughly 1 1/2 hours).  I warned him that I read the reviews and that assembly was going to be quite intense.  Um yeah.  So we got one complete and it kinda pushed nap time late which just made the whole situation a disaster.  The inaugural nap did not go good, and Eli ended up back in the crib.

The expert - bed 1

Look at all these parts!

Eli's favorite part?  Tearing styrofoam! 
The bed in all its parts glory!

Eli testing it out

Beckett testing it out

Trying it together
After nap, Justin put together the second bed and boy oh boy was Beckett excited!  So EXCITED!  and this made Eli so so excited.  We talked about big boys and new beds.  We practiced laying in them and tucking our animals and toys in.  We really got comfortable with the beds.

Cheese!! Beckett loves his bed

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After bath, trying out the new bed

Beckett playing "woody/jesse" in his bed

Eli showing Elmo where to sleep 
Love this guy and his blanket

Naughty imp - trying to get to fan (that was moved)

He kept jumping on the front and saying
"Ahoy!" "Yo Ho Ho!"

And then we were in the living room watching our night-night cartoon and saying it was time to go brush and Eli leans over to me and says "I want to go get in new bed." Well ok buddy!  After brushing we tucked them in and said their prayers.  I had to go in once and rock in Eli for a few minutes but that was it.  And. They. Slept. All. Night. For Real!  I was actually up twice thinking that I heard them.  I guess they did better than me :-)  Tonight we had to go back in a couple of times for Eli but all is well right now.  I am so hoping this keeps up! 

In other news we are starting to work on potty.  Which I got advice from lots of people to hold off on potty while we move beds so we backed off.  We were hitting it pretty strong and then the beds came up.  We have our rewards box and Eli already knows how to work it. Tonight he was saying "Eli got potty, make the juice, get a prize!" over and over again.  Like a song.  He is pretty much hitting it every time.  Beckett not really interested except in the candy.  We are letting him ask us now and then we will turn it back up when the newness wears off the bed.  

Both potties have Woody on them 

2 hooks

The reward box.. smarties being the #1 choice

Getting ready to put our potty on

Making the juice mom 

Sweet Beckett-  got some potty candy! 

enjoying his "potty candy"

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