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Last Friday, I went to my first meeting of MOPS (Moms of Preschoolers) at a nearby church.  Normally the boys would go with me to childcare but their Riley grandparents were in town so I was able to go and get a good understanding of where to go and what to do without them in tow.  

I had no idea what to expect.  I just knew of their reputation. I was pleasantly surprised that my table leader called me the day before and introduced herself and told me where to go and who to look for. The first meeting of the year is a panel discussion from Titus moms. I had no idea what a "Titus mom" was but thought ok.  Let's see :-)  Titus moms are the more experienced moms of the group.  Each table has their own Titus mom who basically is married forever and kids are out of school and grown.  Lots have grandkids already.  Titus mom comes from these verses found in Titus.

Titus 2:4-5

New International Version (NIV)
4 Then they can urge the younger women to love their husbands and children, 5 to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God.

I am telling you now that the Lord put me exactly where he wanted me to hear what these women had to say.  They addressed a number of topics from discipline to husbands to day to day managing of the household.  I learned so much from their wisdom and not only new learnings but reinforcements of the things that I knew I wanted to do but in the "heat" of the day with the boys forget.

I love this from one mom.  The question was "what would you have done differently if you had the chance."  She was the cutest sweetest lady and she had 4 kids and she said "I wouldn't lump them all together like mash potatoes."  She had tears in her eyes when she said that it took her too long to recognize each one as not her children but as unique beings and people that God created individually.  I think as a twin mom that is so important.  We are so quick to group Beckett and Eli together and treat them same, dress them the same, play the same toys, etc.  I wrote down a little note to myself in my journal:  They are individually created. Each wonderfully made in the eyes of God.  Remember that mom :-)

I had a really rough afternoon on Thursday.  The boys didn't feel that great and I was really busy. Notice what I said about being busy.  One of the mom's said that the one thing that gets her every time is trying to do too much "other chores" that she starts to view her children as an interruption!  Oh how that happened to me on Thursday.  HUGE learning lesson.  I cleaned and got the house ready and cooked and did all kinds of things that "needed" to be done.  I was so frustrated that they couldn't just go play.  Ah Ha.. And there it is.  The boys aren't my interruption.  The housework is!  They needed mom.  I got it.  This week has gone so much better with just choosing a couple of things I want to get done each day, not everything!

This totally coincided with my Daily Bread devotional.  

"Scriptures remind us to surround ourselves with counselors who will offer their experience and wisdom even when we're too busy to ask for it.  Don't be overwhelmed. Instead, seek Godly counsel and then follow through on what you are told." 

I love this prayer.

Lord, give us ears to hear advice from loved ones wise and humble; So when life's challenges appear, We will not have to stumble - Sper

After the panel discussion, we had our table discussion.  I met some great ladies and moms.  When it was my turn to talk I explained that I was a new stay at home mom, my boys are new stay at home kids, and really I was at this point just trying to survive the day.  The nicest girl (with 3 kids under 5 and another on the way) looked at me and said "its okay if its really hard".  She came and hugged me and said she had been doing it for 5 years and she has good days and she has bad days.  Don't be hard on yourself if every day is not perfect!  Amen. Thank you Lord :-)

I took so many notes and just left feeling so refreshed and blessed by the encouragement from the other ladies and the Holy Spirit just renewing in me and I am serving right where he wants me to be and that He will provide and strengthen me.

That was a great set up for mom to sneak away for the night Saturday night and visit The Cullen  Family in Austin!  Justin's parents were in town so I got a pass for girl time and to meet their new little addition.  Nash Quay Cullen.. what a sweet boy.  

We relaxed, chatted, talked baby, talked husbands, got pampered and waited on by her sweet husband and just enjoyed each other.  I got a great night sleep and it was just what I need to set me up mentally, emotionally, and physically for a great week with my boys.  When I got home on Sunday, the boys were playing in the yard. As soon as they saw my car, I could see their little faces light up and they started screaming Mommy Mommy!  I got out of the car and they came running almost tackling me with huge hugs and smiles and TONS of words about what they had been doing.  What a sweet homecoming.  It was great to miss my boys and little and so glad they missed me too!

We have been busy bees this week around here.  Here are some photos from our latest adventures around the house and out and about.  We were blessed with beautiful weather and warm too.

Latest Mother Day Art. B on Top, E on Bottom

LOTS of jumping 

Lots of tee pee time

Eli "cleaning out" toy box

splashing in puddles

Our lesson on birds and making bird feeders

Eli showing me where to hang it

Love that Beckett's shirt says "Eli"

Cooking with mom

New playground we found!
Being around them daily gives me so many more chances to hear their big new words and all the fun things they are learning.  Beckett's favorite phrases this week "what is it?"  "what is it mom?" and "silly goose" He calls himself silly goose and me silly goose.  And sometimes dad silly goose.  Beckett loves loves art.  "beckett color"  He is so happy sitting at his table with his box of colors.  I started printing off free coloring pages this week each day of what we are talking about.  Birds one day, fish one day, and also Toy Story which he loves!   Eli loves to "cook dinner".  He cooked me an entire dinner in his kitchen that included "hamburger, strawberries, cheese" on  plate, with a spoon, a "bowl of soup" and of course "hot coffee".  Pretty good I think.  He also wants me to "play cars" all the time and his favorite phrase is "What's name momma?" He wants to know the name of everything.  

Big changes are headed our way.  Eli climbed out his crib a couple of times the last week so the new big boy beds were delivered yesterday.  We will be transitioning to those.  Also we are starting potty training in a week or so.  I had to order some supplies on line because I took them shopping for underwear and potties as suggested and they both want "Woody" which I couldn't find anywhere except online.  This should be interesting.  Potty training twins.  Whew.  

Think I might need some more recharging and lots of prayers!


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