And the good times keep on rolling.. New Orleans style.  I was the lucky blessed (ok and maybe a little spoiled) recipient of a Bama Championship ticket from my sweet Ma for Christmas.  Since Justin wasn't going to miss a party, all 4 of us headed to the Big Easy for a good time.

Bama Gear and Woody - ready to roll Saturday morning
The boys have been such troupers and great travelers in the car. They really started getting fussy after Toy Story 1 and Toy Story 2 which happened to coincide with lunch. We stopped at a yummy restaurant in Scott, La.   The boys loved the gator and ran totally wild.  We sat outside and Justin enjoyed lunch. Notice I said Justin.  

We arrived in New Orleans on Saturday afternoon.  After a crazy busy check in getting us all in the room, Dee Dee and Poppy arrived and we met up with Ma and Dave.  The boys loved the Riverwalk watching the boats and cruise ships, riding up and down the escalator and of course the big folks did what New Orleans is all about.. hit the Hurricanes and Margaritas!

When traveling in New Orleans with twin toddlers, dinner must be loud and entertaining.  We ate at Mulate's and while the food wasn't anything special, the boys loved the band.  They both got down to some serious action on the dance floor.  Eli even went and got his Dee Dee, pulled her hand and said "come on Dee Dee dance"  Sweet :-)

After dinner we caught the trolley (choo choo train) to the French Quarter. While waiting we made some new Bama friends.

After arriving at the famous Cafe Du Monde, Beckett found a true new love... beignets!  They were so incredibly good.  For every reason they popular and famous they did not disappoint. 

Look mom .. sugar! 
Um.. yummy!

Hot chocolate and the famous beignet... heaven!
Now when one goes on a trip to New Orleans there are many places that you might visit.  Jackson Square, Bourbon Street, Harrah's, French Quarter, fine dining.. oh no, not us.  We traveled with 2 high strung, high energy toddlers that were bouncing off the walls in the hotel.  Think you might have a great long night out and sleep late the next morning?  Think again.  And think again if you stayed in our hotel and the boys were running the halls at 7:30am!  I had researched "family" outings before we went because I had a feeling this might happen so Sunday morning we caught a cab to City Park.  It was awesome for kids.  The boys had a blast! They had this really cool part called Storyland.  All the nursery rhymes and childhood stories. And it wasn't even open yet!  Justin snuck us into an LSU birthday party. I am sure they were wondering "who invited the Alabama rednecks!"  The park was gorgeous and we wondered through feeding ducks and geese. 

It was hot and it was a long ride but we made it back to the hotel with 2 tired boys that went straight down for a long nap.  Funny story about Beckett, every time he saw a purple and yellow fan or they tried to talk to him, he would wail.  They would swear we trained him to do that.  He would cry when they got on the trollies and then calm down, he would look out the window or seem them getting on and and he would start crying again.  LOVE IT!

Sunday afternoon we kicked Poppy and Dee Dee out to hit the down and have some fun.  They visited Pat O'Brians and did some shopping. Justin and I napped.  He snored so look where he ended up napping?? On the balcony. That's how we roll.  He slept good until the LSU band walked underneath and blasted him with their oh so annoying fight song. 

Once the boys got up we headed out to do the swap, the boys were going back in with Poppy and Dee Dee and Justin and I were headed out on the town.  Justin and I had a great time out.  Too great in fact.  I was MISERABLE on Monday, but that is another story for another time. Let's just say that hand grenades are not my friend and that the LSU fans on Monday morning got a great laugh about the boys saying "mommy sleeping, mommy play hand grenades!"  My good friend Curtis was a long, I am totally blaming it on him :-)

Little cupid shuffle on Bourbon Street
Monday morning!  Game Day!  I was sleeping.  The boys, Justin and Dee Dee headed down to the stadium to see what was going on before the crowds got to thick for the boys to be out.  They had a great time I hear :-)  The boys got their pics made with some ESPN crew that I don't know who they are!  They also got a football.  Eli came back in the room so excited about his football.  He kept saying "roll tide" "Eli kick football, Eli pass football".  Apparently there were other tots and the boys scored a BCS commemorative football from Poppy Dee Dee.  

And finally it was time to get dressed and ROLL!  We headed down to the stadium early and had a great time people watching and listening to the bands. Poppy ran the Taco Bell obstacle course and got the cutest taco hats for the boys.  The feeling in the crowd was amazing.  Nervous, excited, trying to avoid the trash and trash talk of the LSU fans. Really, totally, gross.  Ugh.  I was so hoping that we would shut them up.  In fact, I am naming the game THE SHUT UP :-)  It was so much fun to be with my family.  All these years of working have kept me from these fun events and I was blessed to be a part of their fun and travels. Love my Bama family :-)

The Superdome was incredible!  Loved our seats.  Bama club level with shakers for everyone.

The game was awesome.  I sat with Ma and Dave and we had a great time.  We had lots of fun cheering fans around us and lots of obnoxious LSU fans that got really quiet, really fast :-)

What can I say?  We came, we conquered, we had a blast.  We survived New Orleans with toddlers.  We annoyed LSU fans all the way home by honking the horn and putting our sign in the window.  A GREAT WAY TO START THE NEW YEAR! ON THE TOP!!

Roll Tide from The Riley's!
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