And We're Off

New year, new job!  I am closing in on the end of my first official week "at home".  We are getting in the groove and working out the kinks.  Wasn't always smooth but I am learning.  

Painting with water

Beckett loves art 

Eli drinks the "paint"

Eli working at Dad's new desk in the bedroom 
The gym has awesome childcare so we are visiting there 3 days a week.  During our other days we have been to the park, played with every toy in our house, played outside, and big news... Started Mother's Day out.  The boys will go to MDO at a nearby church every Monday and Thursday from 9:15 - 2:15.   This is totally different from their former full time Montessori.  For one, they provide nothing.  Montessori provided diapers, sippy cups, hot lunches, nap mats, everything.  MDO .. not so much.  So we got our first set of nap mats for Christmas.  I found them on Esty and they love them!  They have built in minky blankets, pillows, and monogrammed.  Too cute! The night before, we practiced unrolling them, climbing in, laying down, and covering with blankets.  We even practiced sleeping.  I love their fake snoring!

They also have to take a lunch box.  The school can't keep anything cold or warm anything so I hit Target the night before for lunch box supplies.  Apparently after Christmas (and not back to school) is not the best time to pick out lunch boxes and supplies but I found a few things. I had to get up extra early to pack their lunches.  Kinda made me teary doing it the first time!  They took ham, honey mustard, mac & cheese in their Woody thermos, crackers, and milk.

And here they are with all their stuff!  Ready to go to school big boys :-)

Drop off went well.  I was relieved to pull up and see other mom's loading their kids in strollers.  The parking lot was kinda far and all morning I thought to myself how in the world am I going to get both of them in there across this parking lot with all this stuff!  The first day was a success.  I guess our nap mat training worked because look how I found Beckett at pick up!

Still snoozing.  And we even have an art project or 2 to show off from our first day.

They got in the car and I asked Eli how was the first day and he said "fun" and I asked what did you do and he said "Eli play on playground with friends" Awesome!   The teachers had already warned me at pick up that Eli and Beckett had a small fight on the playground.  They are in separate classes ( Beckett is a monkey and Eli is a seahorse) but they play at the same time on the playground.  I asked about it and Beckett said "Eli took besset". Yep, Eli tried to steal Beckett's pride and joy on the playground.  Eli said "that's my blanket" So we will take extra blankets next time just in case!

One of the boys favorite new saying is "hear that?" "Mom hear that?" when they hear dogs barking, birds, airplanes, or any sound out of the norm.  They put their hands up to their ears too.  Here is a video of a "hear that" moment while playing after school.  SO STINKING CUTE!!

And I think I earned a badge this week!  I took the boys for haircuts, not at a kids place, all by myself!  Beckett wouldn't sit in the chair by himself so he sat in my lap but Eli ate fruit snacks and did pretty good. Only at the end did I have to jump in and hold him. We survived, their hair looks great, and they are ready for their big New Orleans trip this weekend.  I love how she styled their hair. Such big boys :-)

Beckett colored, Eli spraying hairspray in the corner

It was odd on Monday night knowing that I wasn't starting work back on Tuesday.  What was odd about it was the lack of gut wrenching anxiety that I normally have about sales goals, or employees, or angry customers.  What did I log as my gift from God this year on Tuesday morning? "The blessing of staying home with my boys!"  I am sure that many more adventures await us this year.  


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