Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

My first official week "on the job" is officially almost behind us!  We had a great but boring by most standards New Year's Eve.  Poppy, Dee Dee, and Gigi came to visit us and we played, shopped, ate, and relaxed.  The boys went to Gymboree open play everyday (thank you Groupon) while Gigi ran tons of errands and spent time together.  We even got her hair done by my favorite girl.  Isn't she beautiful!

My sister Gracie 12 years old and way too grown up!

Justin went hunting the last week of December but came home the morning of New Years Eve.  He brought home a friend :-) The boys weren't too sure about it.

The afternoon brought a visit from the Galloway family.  The boys are really starting to get big enough for all 4 to play together.  I think they really enjoyed Poppy's rides!  What a work out for Poppy. That's a lot of twin in that wagon :-)

Ball got stuck in the tree!
We did our usual annual Robert's family Chinese food New Year's Eve feast followed by Dee Dee whipping up some banana fosters in the kitchen.  The fire was by far the most exciting part of New Years Eve.  I made it to midnight though!  Wasn't too thrilling, I was looking for Justin for a New Year kiss and he and Dee Dee were way too wrapped up in battleship on their  ipad's to stop!

New Year's Day the family headed home and by the time we realized and looked at the clock we were way too late to try and get it together for church.  So our day looked a lot like this.  

Our favorite twin girls came over for our New Year's dinner feast.  We made the famous Sutter family red beans and rice, collards, baked ham, butter beans, and Pioneer Woman's black eyed pea dip for snacking.  I think we covered it all!  Should be a happy and prosperous new year.

It was strange for the second Monday in a row to wake up and it be a holiday again!  I hit the gym with the boys and worked a little too hard for my first time back in Bodypump class.  I paid for it later in the week but after a good nap, we met up with the Galloway's to go to a indoor playground called Wonderwild I heard about through a mom's group.  It was A BLAST!  The boys (all 4 of them) were absolutely wild.  It was so much fun. And so much work.  Really.  Exhausting!

Look mom!  Cheese! 

Um yeah.  Total kid heaven!

The adults favorite by far.  Not enough adult pictures but it was hilarious!


Playing trains

Riding trains

Dax on the big inflatable slide

Here comes Leah and Beau!
And that was it!  We said goodbye to 2011 and welcomed 2012 with lots of fun, food, and friends.  Happy New Year!!


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