A Double Celebration

If one celebration wasn't enough, the boys Pre-K graduation fell on my 36th birthday!  The boys surprised me the day before by coming home with flowers for mommy.

And totally sold dad out over the black balloon choice!
The next day we kicked off the celebration for with a little morning surprise for the boys!  Graduation breakfast & gift for their big day.

Remote control boats 
My birthday present was a bathroom remodel!  Long story (and needs it's on blog post.. coming soon)  So we spent birthday morning looking for tile and counter tops.  

And then we got to honor our graduates!

Beckett was awarded "sweetest kid" award and "most likely to take a nap."  

Eli was awarded "computer whiz" and no surprise to us "class clown"  (it's genetic apparently)

We LOVED having our Poppy in town.  The boys played and played and mommy & daddy got to spend some adult time celebrating my birthday with great friends.  

The week of graduation was hard emotionally.  Milestones always bring her to mind. The sister they never knew.  In my heart there are 3 cap and gowns.  3 lives to celebrate.  A sister to walk across the stage with them.  A little pink in all their blue.  I talked to God about her a lot that week.  Knowing she's with him but longing for her to be with us.  It's in these moments that God draws me so close, reminding me of the infinite love for both me & my kiddos. A reminder that these little lives and each moment of these days are truly a gift from the Lord.  Never taking for granted the opportunity to love, cherish, and celebrate them.  These little gifts are such a joy!

The Riley's