The Riley's On the Move

Labor Day weekend the Riley's officially moved!  It was officially awful.  Seriously.   Our house that we lived in for a little over 4 years was stuffed FULL.  Not even going to lie.   I tried to start early and pack a box here or there (even though Justin told me not too.. that's a whole other story :-)  and get us somewhat organized.

Boys were packed and ready!
We even got a babysitter for a HOT (literally) date night in the attic.  

What did go great was the closing!  It was smooth sailing and we closed on Wednesday morning, August 30th. 

By Thursday morning we had the paint colors squared away and the painters were hard at work. 

goodbye bright terra cotta playroom 

Then the movers showed up.  

And I started hauling boxes too!

Did I mention that I have literally the BEST family ever.  A family that volunteered to drive or fly all the way from Alabama to help with this mess?  My mom flew in on Thursday night and I don't know what we would have done without her.  I feel like I literally didn't see my children for the 3 days that we moved.  What a blessing they were having so much fun with their Dee Dee while Dad and I worked.

First swim in the new pool 
By Thursday night we were sleeping in the house.  We couldn't find sheets or pillows (they got left).  We had one bottle of shampoo between the 3 of us but we made it!  Somewhat anyway.  The movers got all the furniture but boy did we have a lot left.  

On Friday, we started early and our other 2 blessings made it in from Alabama.  My brother and my sister in law (JB & Madison) drove all the way from Alabama to help us!  That my friends, is love.  This was Madison's first trip to visit and she worked so hard. We owe them.  Big time.  

please stop taking pictures.. this sucks.  Those were his words. 

truck after truck just kept coming 

Madison working hard 

Raleigh and Oyster moved too! 
The longest day ever on Friday.  

How awful is this??? 

the cat made the late night move 

Did I mention we were still moving at midnight? 
On Saturday more of the same although we did take a couple of breaks for fun too!

Madison and I on a break 

swimming with Uncle Bubba

Game day with our LSU neighbor stopping by 

headed to the playground with Dee Dee 

Saturday morning enjoying the comforts of our new playroom 

Empty house?  Roller derby time 
Sunday we all enjoyed church together and after .. one last trip to the house to load the trailer of furniture headed back to Alabama with JB.  Then .. a real break!  Madison and JB were heading out so we enjoyed some friends, fun, and sun on Sunday afternoon.  Labor Day weekend fun.  Grilled salmon sliders, veggies, and all the goodies.  Bonus???  Our best friends the Galloway's moved back from Louisiana the same week!  

Pool time with our friends

Snacks by the pool (notice all the mess and garbage in the back)

Nothing but trouble 
Did the moving end there?  To spare you all the boring details I will say that the LAST of it was finished on Tuesday night.  So it literally took 6 days to get us 100% out of the house .. and a babysitter! 

Moving is no joke and there is no way we could have done it without our precious families and their hearts for helping us. We owe them a relaxing vacation next right?  Hopefully the Lord is settling us in to this new season of life .. At least our family sure hopes so!  

The Riley's 

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