Back To School 2013

Our tale of Pre-K3!

One day we were in Target (quite possibly the boys favorite place on earth) and we saw all the back to school items. Now, the boys have adorable PB kids spiderman back packs and lunch boxes but I was already trying to get them excited about "more school" since mommy was going back to work.  Shopping cured that!  They were so excited to shop for back packs and lunch boxes.  I will tell you they are pretty serious shoppers.  Justin always cracks up that they shop like me.  I like to go up and down every aisle and closely exam every choice.  They are learning from a pro ;-)  30 minutes later we had the final selection!

Bumble bee with flashing lights for Beckett 

Lightening McQueen backpack with matching lunch box for Eli 
Side note:  Beckett chose a Super Friends (Justice League) lunch box and it drove Type A Eli insane that it doesn't match!  He kept showing him the one that matched and said "don't you want this one Beckett? It matches"  He was not happy that Beckett doesn't care that they don't match!

They were so happy with their purchases of course that they wore them throughout the store and then Eli napped with his when we got home!  

They also got to shop for new school shoes.  I have learned a long time ago that we do not go to the store to shop for shoes.  Being a VIP customer for Zappo's has it's perks :-) Like free overnight shipping and they always have free return shipping.  I ordered them lots of choices in several different sizes.  When they huge box arrived, it's like Christmas!  They tried them all on and each picked their favorite pair.  And mommy had a little sad moment.. our first time to move out of "toddler" sizes and into kids sizes.  Why does it go fast????? 

Eli's big boy choice 
The boys did great at open house... 

open house  
The first day of school the boys chose their favorite new shirt for school & their new "school"shoes.  They were rocking it (for all the Pete the Cat fans) They were so big!  We started a new school. I interviewed them on the way to school and recorded their answers on the pictures. 

Can I tell you how happy it made me that they insisted on taking their picture with me?? 

I cried that day. Yep.  Not only because they are so big now and so independent.  But just looking at the last picture we would take in front of that door.  That door holds special memories.  I can't even count how many pictures or milestones we took in front of that door.  

From pictures of my pregnancy.. 

To their very first photo shoot at home ...

Seriously.. sniff sniff.  The first and the last.  

The boys also got to start going to work with me!  Once the school year kicked off, the boys are able to go with me two days a week.  Those are our favorite days :-)

cool as a cucumber on the way to mommy's work  
Heading in our first day together
Another season in life has started!  The boys are at their second new school and it's working great.  It's much closer to home and work and the program is a little longer.  The boys are loving it!  Back to School 2013 included a little bit of tears (mommy) and a little stress (mommy) but overall a success!

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