Love, Hugs, & Roll Tide

This year I tackled the challenge of a photo shoot solo.  All by myself.  I did this because about 6 months ago I bought a Groupon for Simply To Impress for photo cards super cheap ($10) and never used it.  Right after Christmas I got the notification that it was going to expire.  I also received a new camera for Christmas.  Perfect combo for a Valentine's Day photo shoot.

The boys have had these houndstooth ties in their closet I think for 2 years as a gift from Dee Dee. Everything they were wearing we already owned which made me and my attempt to budget friendly on these cards (hence the Groupon) very happy.  I really had great plans in my head of turning my camera on manual and really playing with it and taking my time getting some good shots.  Beckett & Eli did not.  Eli was a sweet angel.  He loved the outfit. Big boy tie like Daddy and his cowboy boots. He was such a big helper.  Beckett, not so much.  He absolutely meant he was not putting on the outfit.  I absolutely meant that he was. Fortunately Beckett gets over tantrums quickly and by the time we got outside he had cheered up for the most part. Except for shoes.  He refused shoes.  Whatever.  Eli took his job of carrying the heart pillow very seriously.  It now has a permanent spot on his bed.

Bribes. In the form of Strawberry fruit roll ups.  They love them and rarely get to eat them.  I even put them on my head at one point to get them both to look!

Mommy!  There's something on your head!

So good 

always willing to tell me how it should be done

kisses for Eli after all the sugar

yeah!  Finally got a hug 

and hugs are over 
Then Beckett realized he was wearing "the outfit" and we could have none of that could we?

off comes the vest and next the tie
Then another bribe.  We ate the whole box of fruit rollups.  Just saying.  :-)

yeah! He held my sign. He gave me 2 shots and threw it down

Mommy, I want to hold the sign next.
Then Beckett jumped down off the bench and said "I'm going home.  This is over" Ok then.  At least put on some shoes.  He said "give me another fruit roll up." Geez. 

Here's one Beckett (minus tie and jacket now too). Only fair

so Beckett sat down to eat his fruit roll up and I just took his picture :-)

No manual. No time.  Auto with about a million snaps just praying something worked for me to use for those cards!  With a little editing we were all happy around here to find out we had a card that worked.  Just what everyone needs for Valentine's Day.

First try at a design

The winner!  

Love, Hugs, and Roll Tide!  Happy Valentine's Day with Love,
The Riley Family