Love and Other "Bugs"

Unfortunately we didn't just get bit by the love bug this year, we got bit by the "sick bug".   Boo.  As I type this we are now on day 7 of battling this yucky thing.  Despite all of this we still managed to spread lots of love this Valentine's Day.

Beckett went down first and started feeling bad Sunday night.  After a trip to the doctor later we came home with the with the mom hated "virus, let it run its course" diagnosis we settled in for a long long week at home.  Our first Valentine surprises?  Ma!  She always loves on us so much and this year we really needed it to lift our spirits.  Our Harry & David box arrived again this year. I have to say we are LOVING this annual tradition.  The apples, pears, and oranges really are the juiciest best fruit we have ever eaten.  Eli  went crazy for the "brown aka chocolate popcorn" and I enjoyed a nice relaxing glass of wine with our cheese, salami, nut, and cracker selection.  Yum Yum.  While they were asleep I got out the other gifts she got for them.  They loved their Ninja Turtles and lots of new Super Hero books.  I have them memorized now :-)
waiting on 2 sweet boys to wake up

Ninja turtles!

And speaking of bugs.  Eli was not sick at this point but somehow managed to get "eaten up" by misquitos.  They love him. He is allergic.  One got him on the ear and swelling began. It got so large and benadryl didn't stop it so I called the doctor.  She gave me instructions for 24 hours to increase dosage and times between and if it didn't go down come in.  Whew.  It did not make him a happy camper.

On Wednesday to provide entertainment and to distract us from our ailments we worked hard on our Valentine's for Daddy, neighbors, teachers, and friends.  

Love that they are learning to actually stay in lines now

Can I tell you how much they love glue?

such concentration 

Door hangers for our neighbor twin girls
In between holding a sweaty fevery baby I worked on getting friends and teacher ready.  

Texas Honey for the teachers

Bubbles for our friends

So easy! Pinned these and printed right off Pinterest
I have to say all week sleeping was rough.  Sweet Beckett did not sleep really more than 2 hours consecutively all week.  I slept in his floor, in his bed, in the chair, everywhere I could to try and get him comfortable so we were all groggy but still managed to get some love going for Valentine's morning.

surprises waiting on their trays

Valentine plates, treat bag, and Ninja turtle watches
Eli was the first one up to inspect the goodies.

Then little Beckett woke up to come check it out too.

Let's just pause a minute to see how my Valentine was delivered to me.  Yep.  Isn't that the SWEETEST?

under the bathroom door 
I loved all 3 of my cards.  Don't get too excited about Justin's.  This is a "G-rated" blog.  He's talking about bacon :-)

The boys loved giving their daddy their "art" they made.

Their were no gifts to open between Justin and me because we splurged this year and ordered George Strait concert tickets for the rodeo.  His farewell concert.  Can't believe it will be the last time.  Justin and I first big trip together when we first started dating was to Charlotte, NC to see George.  We had so much fun and have such great crazy memories.  I also saw him in Raleigh with Ma & Dave, that might have been even crazier!! Ha!  He holds a special place in our heart and we are excited to go to the big night in March!

I made a yummy Valentine breakfast for my little love Eli (Beckett still wasn't eating yet.)

Then Daddy and I let them go find the box Poppy and Dee Dee sent them for Valentine's Day stashed in my closet.

fun books 

And their favorite!  Boots like mommy!

Not a cloud in the sky but he wanted to wear them to school
Beckett really loved the cards.  They played "Who let the dogs out".  Amazing what ibuprofen can do.  And no, Justin didn't have any. Or anything else.  He can just naturally move like that!

Justin took him to school so I could stay home with Beckett.  He told his dad as soon as he got out of the car "mommy said I could splash in puddles with these boots on".  So off he went.  Splashing away!

When I picked him up he had a good day but the teachers said he was a little off.  Yep.  The first sign he had been bitten by another "bug".  It did not stop the excitement of the Valentine box he brought home.  His teacher said that as part of their fun, she gave them a mail bag with the treats they brought for friends and they each got a turn to play "mail man" and wear it to hand out all their Valentine mail.  Eli at first refused to put it on.  He said it was a purse!  

the loots

the art

We went outside to get some sunshine.  Eli was crashing after no nap at school, a nose like a faucet, and a cranky attitude.  But they cheered up when Gamma & Big Poppa's package arrived.

They also got sweet cards from their Nana and Papa.

And then the night kinda went into a slippery downward spiral until it totally crashed!  Justin had 3 days left of this terribly strict diet and he was ILL.  People in an effort to keep things real. It was a really rough night.  Whew.   We cooked steak.  Justin was beyond cranky about my steak vs his.

mine on the left. his portion on the right
As we sat down for dinner.  Eli was crying. Beckett was crying.  They were both screaming for mom.  I busted out the forehead scan to find they both had 103 temperatures.  Awesome.  I put them in the bath.  Broke out the wine.  Hid in the bathroom.

As soon as I put them in the bed with a big dose of cold medicine, I hid out in my bed.  Justin took the recliner and we declared Valentine's Day OVER.  Ha!  Sometimes its just too much :-)  We took them back to the doctor in Friday morning to find they had ear infections and bronchitis.  This is how happy they were about it.

That pretty much sums up the love "bugs".  Better luck next year!

The Riley's