Beach Pictures

While we were on our Beach Vacation earlier this summer, we had the boys pictures made on the beach.  We tried twice before when they were younger but were yet to capture a great beach photo with both of them happy, looking, and not eating sand!  After our crazy adventures taking their 2 year pictures Dee Dee and I were rightfully anxious about getting these done as well.

I found a great photographer through a friend. Truly a gem.  She has a toddler herself and worked great with the boys.  If you are ever in Orange Beach, look up Katherine Shaver Photography.  She met us at our condo which made it so much easier to get the boys dressed, ready, and downstairs which was quite the event.

Pictures are never complete unless there is a wardrobe malfunction right?  You may remember the Easter shirt disaster?  Vineyard vines shirt in the wash with a pen that resulted in last minute wardrobe change for Easter day.  Well, thanks to Pinterest tips I got all the ink out so the boys were able to wear these shirts.  Had I ever tried them on? Well no. Of course not.  When we put them on they were HUGE.  Like hanging past their knees and couldn't see there shorts.  So we had to tuck them in.  Then we needed a belt.  This is where Dee Dee came in really handy.  Another pair of their shorts had a sewn in linen belt.  She grabbed Poppy's shaving kit, whipped out the clippers, and began extracting the seams on that little thing while I wrestled those shirts in the shorts.  A few minutes later, she appeared from the bathroom holding 2 belts.  Yeah Dee Dee!

The pictures turned out so great their were amazing shots to choose from and her prices were really great too which let me be able to get quite a few.   Here are my favorites.

Momma and her sweet boys 
Love love love

Melt my heart.

Beckett 2.5 years old

Eli 2.5 years old

This week my prints started arriving and caused lots of excitement around here.  The boys love looking at pictures (thank goodness since we have hundreds thousands) on the computers and around the house.  

Love this display we added to the living room

Dee Dee bought me this one.  Its an 11 x 14 fine art print.  Its still in the packaging because its pretty delicate.  Up close it looks like a watercolor and the colors of the waves are just gorgeous.  Its like the caps are glowing.  I haven't framed yet because I am still unsure what room its going in and where.  I have lots of things I want to move around.

But the big excitement? The arrival of the 4 foot canvas.  When we drove up, Eli said "mom, what you got in that box?"  Huge box waiting on the front porch and neither I nor the boys could wait to get in it!  They were a lot of help opening it.  And as Beckett said "mommy we make a BIG mess" Please excuse the lack of pants.  We had to stop on the way in and water the bushes.

And what did they want to do when they saw it? Take pictures with it.  Eli kept saying "one more cheese mom" and they both thought it was hilarious to try and "sit" on each other on the painting.  Making me nervous and crack up at the same time.

"mom yook.  Eli smiling" 

"I sit on Beckett mom"

coming back for one more cheese

Nothing says "I love my kids" like a 4 foot canvas over the bed.  I LOVE IT.  It makes me happy.  We are planning on framing it with a mirrored frame and I can't wait to get my bedroom painted (in the plans stay tuned). 

My walls in my bedroom have pretty much been bare since we moved in 3 years ago.   Just waiting on the perfect art of my precious boys.