God is Great, God is Good

One of my absolute favorite traditions is that each night when we sit down for dinner together we say the blessing together.  The  boys will hold us too it for sure.  If we are in a rush or forget they hold their little hands out and says "prayers Mommy".  And we have to hold hands in a circle. No loose ends.  

The simple prayer that we say is probably heard around  a lot of dinner tables.  It amazes me that at almost 3 they can say it every night word for word with a big resounding team cheer "AMEN" at the end.  Sometimes we do it twice just because they love it so much.

Of course as soon as we try to video it (and I have tried multiple times) they don't cooperate so here is the best I have.  Beckett is so sweet saying the last part!

God is great, God is good.  Let us thank Him for our food. By His hands we all our fed. Thank you Lord for daily bread. AMEN.


The Riley's