Just Pass the Second Cracker Barrel

On a wonderful November afternoon prior to Thanksgiving we braved the 2 year photo shoot.  My friend Jen is a SAINT for taking these pictures.  She has taken their pictures ever since their very first photo shoot .. delivery!  Justin and I had been tossing around ideas for their photos this year for a couple of months and we decided to do a traditional Texas style cowboy photo shoot.  They LOVE their boots and are so adorable at this stage I just knew that I wanted to capture it with really great pics.  When thinking of a location I wanted to have some traditional Texas elements.  And a red barn.  And maybe some live stock.  Everywhere I searched for ranches to take photos at were too far away so I thought I found the perfect location.. 7 Acre Wood.  

We head out with my mom for the photo shoot to Conroe, TX.  As soon as we pull up Jen, my "supportive" husband, and my mom are dying laughing.  It was a little petting zoo type place not really what they thought we were going too.  In other words, "we had to pass 2 Cracker Barrel's!" The joke of the day. Ha ha. Ok people. That's enough from the peanut gallery.

The quest to get a good shot of the four of us together or even the two of us actually turned into quite the comedy routine.  Although Justin did not think so at the time.  I wish that I had video, my mom almost wet her pants, and Jen was laughing so hard that she was having a hard time keeping the camera steady!

Here are some out takes of the shoot that literally have me in tears just looking at the pics again.  As soon as we would try to get set someone 3 feet tall would run or cry, a hat would fall off, a boot would come off, a shirt would come untucked.  I will say that my main man Justin worked super hard. I had on a short dress and was attempting to not mess up my hair.  Let's just say by the end of the shoot, Justin was not speaking to me! 

Eli!  Come on!!

Hat drama

Beckett!  Please come back!

Gorgeous smiles?? Toddlers and Tiaras!
Beckett's out 

Eli is Out of here

All you can do is laugh right????
And sometimes you just have to do "YOGA"
This is my favorite blooper by far!  Notice anyone missing?  HA!

Ok - Beckett and his hat might be my favorite.  This makes my eyes water from laughing at his hat shenanigans!

Jen is a magician and a saint.  I swear that Justin gets in the car after the shoot and #1 says if Jen is still friends with us after the last 2 hours, we are very very lucky and #2, there is no way she got any shots we can us.  Well he was very wrong fortunately.  Jen got some really great shots!  

At first, Eli would not ride the pony but after Beckett took a ride he immediately said "Eli turn Eli turn!" 

My favorite individual shots were on a saddle on top of a hay bail. These were on our Christmas card.

Daddy and his men.   3 handsome Riley cowboys if you ask me!

And of course, he will always be my main cowboy.  Love this shot!

The "town" had the cutest jail.  Fortunately neither really wanted to be in it for a picture.  I think that is a good sign for things to come!

And my 2 favorite family shots.  LOVE THESE PEOPLE!!

My little cowboys.  What a blessing the last 2 years have been.  Even though the photo shoot was challenging there were tons of laughs and sweet Jen captured the spirit and fun loving joy of my two little ones. And no matter where we go and what we do I will always remember our time in Texas with our two little stinkers with these amazing photos.   I think Jen  will be glad to have a year break before the next photo shoot!


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