Babes in Toyland

We were so blessed to have a chance this year to come home for Christmas.   It is the first year since the boys were home that we made it home for the holidays. My mom's "thing" is Christmas and each year she has an overall theme or "look" as she says for the house.  AMAZING!  This year since the boys were coming home she wanted to have a Babes in Toyland, whimsical feel to the house since it would be alive with crazy kids this year.  I know she and my dad both worked hard hours and hours to get the house ready and it turned out incredible.  Seriously.  Like something in a magazine! I wanted to share some photos here.  I told her she needed to do individual post on how to create some of the things and looks that she did in each room and put them on Pinterest.  They are incredible!

Of course each room is decorated amazing and there are so many trees I lost count!

The Grinch Tree

The Alabama Tree - ROLL TIDE!

The door to the Bama room.. LOVE the little tree decals

The main tree - being watched over by Rudolph

One of the pair of natural trees in the hallway
Had lots of owls and natural touches

One of the pair of living room trees - very whimsical!
A sock monkey tree
LOVE LOVE LOVE the kitchen and breakfast room.  The details of HO HO around the windows, the wreaths, and the boys FAVORITE part.  A train that circled the table while we ate controlled by remote control.  

What is a Christmas house without a gorgeous entrance??  Really.  The garland on the stairway was just unbelievable.

 Which led into a stunning dining room and mantle.

And the special touches all over.  We got this canvas at the Nutcracker Market.  Had to stand in line and ended up special ordering but so unique and special.

Love the wall decal

stealing animals from the nativity
And the BEST part??  Totally kid friendly.  With the exception of just a couple of things she decorated the entire house in baby proof, shatterproof, doesn't matter if they get them decorations. AWESOME for a mom chasing 2 toddlers around a fully decorated house.  Walking into a house like this makes the holidays so special to be surrounded with the fun of Christmas and seeing it through the eyes of my little ones.  What a great start to our Christmas vacation!  Tis the SEASON!

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