Monster Trucks, Sea Island, and Superheroes

In January we kicked off the fun with some of our friends with a trip to the Monster Jam at Reliant.  We first went when the boys were 3 but after the meltdowns decided to wait until they were quite a bit older to go again.  Some major excitement about this event! 

Grave Digger

hanging with friends

scooby doo monster truck 

Signing the Taco Bell car that was later smashed 

Feeling a little crazy late night with these monster truck buddies!

In early February I got to travel to what is now one of my favorite
places Sea Island, Ga to celebrate my mom's birthday.   I cannot begin to describe the coastal beauty and the absolute peacefulness of this place.  Mom and I had a once in a life time experience on the islands and I treasure these memories in my heart. 

Welcome to Sea Island 
A fantastic birthday dinner for the beautiful birthday girl 
What a treat!

Sunrise, coffee, and the Word.  Such a sweet quiet time each morning 

Robes, slippers,and lattes - doesn't get much better

We stayed in the seclude beach villas so grabbed a ride to the fitness center 
spa and fitness

Barre class fun!

water atrium
The spa waiting "room".  A little slice of heaven. 
Blessed to spend time with Jeannie. So grateful she drove down to have lunch with us.  What a special treat!

Hot yoga to end the day. 

Mineral soak 

Home of the G8 Summit.. Room preserved 

World leaders who were part of the G8 Summit 

Amazing Coastal sunset and sunrise everyday. 
early morning beach walk 

Epworth Island Methodist Retreat

Little chapel where we went to Sunday church.

After the return of this trip, we rolled right into Valentine's Day celebrations!

Valentine's Day Party at school...

Bubbles for your friends
And we made a fun little Valentine for the family this year ..

Glad its not scratch and sniff!!
writing Valentine's for our friends and family

Valentine's Date to the Sponge Bob Movie

Flower delivery!

Fun classroom party 

gifts for our Zebra class party!

And on Valentine's Day ... A surprise for my sweets.. Marvel Universe Live!!  Fireworks, super heroes, motorcycles, villains.. these boys LOVED it.  And I must say, very well done.  It was a great show!

early morning Valentine's Day surprises - love those sweet bedheads

tough guys 

Family Valentine's Day LOVE!!!
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I'm just hear for the popcorn, hotdogs, and cotton candy 
This guy.  The best daddy spends Valentine Day with his little guys (and puts a cotton candy Iron Man on his head) 
The star of the show

Green Goblin & Spidey
While most of the country was covered in snow, we had some great weather and took full advantage of the temperatures Houston has too offer.  

out for jeep rides 
headed to the playground for a picnic 
exploring the woods 
riding our new bikes
FINALLY cleaning out the garage  

Lots of hot tub time! (Just to note. I am wearing a swimsuit!)

Family bike rides with stops for water every 30 seconds!
Ice cream breaks 
And ice cream truck stops

Homework is a little easier outside  
Friday lunch with my favorite dates!

walks, ducks, and waterways
 Life with these boys is always full of adventure and excitement for this mom.  Treasuring these days that are flying past.. My heart is full.

The Riley's 

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