Christmas Vacation Highlights

Since the boys were little we have been able to be home for Christmas and it's so fun celebrating just the 4 of us.  Christmas Eve is a bit crazy for us with me working but it's worth every minute.   Christmas Eve morning the boys woke up and the penguins had made a quick trip to the North Pole and brought back their gifts to each other.

And our annual video from Santa came through on the tv this year.  Such excitement!  When it was revealed that Eli made the good list Beckett ran over threw his arms around him and said "good job brother!" Thank you Portable Northpole. 

We attended the noon service together as a family.  And took our annual picture by the trees :-)

I also worked the 2, 4, and 6 and enjoyed seeing and talking with so many people.   What a joy to spend the day with so many celebrating the Good News!

Christmas Day the four of us had a great day at home.  The boys woke up early and raced for the downstairs.  They could not believe that Santa really came.  Such screams and laughter and just pure joy of Christmas morning.  We had our Happy Birthday Jesus breakfast complete with candles and singing.  Relaxing, playing, taking rides on our new bikes, a sweet Christmas Day with my precious family.

Scooby Doo from Ma!

Merry Christmas from The Riley's!!!

my little book reader

Happy Birthday Jesus!

relaxing in his new Spiderman snuggie

First ride on his new bike

Love his new bike!

And then off to bed because we left at 4am the next morning headed to Alabama!

Breakfast in Lafayette

Long long ride 

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The look of pure excitement when we pulled in the driveway!
And I just wish that I could detail and blog about so many fun, crazy, wild, times while we were there but here are the highlights from the Roberts Family visit :-)

Love their new jeep!

checking the chickens and looking for eggs

Poppy and his boys

the sweetest part of my trip is always this beautiful sassy lady that showed up in her Patagonia vest and her 20 year old Minnetonka's.  Every moment with her is a treasure. 

My mom's front porch. My favorite people.  #sweethomealabama

heating out in their cam for a big adventure

Sisters in love.. a fantastic rainy afternoon playing games 

Little buddy playing games too 

making cookies with Dee Dee 

Nothing says Joy like a basketball game for your head!
Really the most fun toys you've ever seen!
Serious work

The girls in their matching pj's!!! Seriously love these ladies 
The most exciting part is that I can now show pictures of my new brothers & sister!   Check out my parent's Christmas card this year.

Yeah!  I am now the oldest 7.  What??  I have 2 sisters and 4. count them 4 brothers.   Add that with my two boys that and it is a crazy, wild, time whenever we get together.  

My boys seriously love Uncle Malachi.  Really.  They are obsessed.  And he is the sweetest to them! 

A table full of stinkers... and love! That's Ezra (4) and Gabe (2)

Gabe.   I wish I had a video camera so you could experience his level of silly, sassy, wild, hilariousness. 

This is baby girl.  And really. Who could deny that face as many rolls as she wants??

These two.  WILD.  I could eat them. 

Sissy loves her Bubba.  Really.  I don't blame her.  He's kinda my favorite too. 
And my beautiful snapchat, selfie taking, sassy sister Gracie.
A lot of sibling hysterics went down. Like the time they boys took her phone!

I love these crazy folks!  It was an action packed few days.. but we weren't done yet! O
ff to the Riley's for the next part of Christmas.. at the lake!  With a determined daddy fitting their new jeep in the car.

We were happy to see this lovely little lady.. Nana!

Fun times exploring and having adventures around the cabin.

exploring with Big Poppa & Emmaline 

She's in charge.. thanks!

The pink ranger!

catching a ride on the way to find the horses

feeding someone's horses!
heading out on the road 

feeding horses

my handsome boys 

a little fishing 

gamma showing us how to do it. 

playing in the woods 

Boat rides 

It was cold!

Out with daddy catching fish on the boat 
And spending time with family..

girls discussing oils 

Awesome gift from the Sutter's 

precious sweet cuddle moments for mom 

Science fun!

Gingerbread house making!

These 2 are my favorite.  Blessed to call in law's friends! I always love catching up with these 2

A lot of around the fire chats 

and a lot of world problems solved 

just chatting and eating lunch
We rang in the New Year together with fireworks and a bonfire!

He asked me to sit on his jeep with him and watch fireworks 

Precious family!

Too hot mom!

Totally by accident ninja fire picture.. Goodbye to 2014!! 
Aunt Lauren gave the boys their own Vtech digital camera.  They loved them!   Eli was very serious about his photography too.  

He said "mommy! Come see! I have got to take a picture of this"
Here are a few I took off their cameras :-)

sleeping Beckett


Glad we took time to snap a few cousin picks before we left.. I sure am missing my niece's sweet face!

After a couple of bad football games (FSU & UofA) .. it was time to call this trip a wrap!   

7 crazy days, so much family, love, laughter, and even a few tears.  I'm especially grateful for time with special guy.  10 married Christmas with all our family and we still want to be married to each other!  Ha!  

Photo courtesy of Eli 

Sweet home alabama remains forever full of sweet memories!

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