A Season of Gratitude

Our favorite time of the year is here and we are enjoying this season.  Fall brings somewhat cooler weather and lots of celebrations for the Riley Family. 

Justin and I played in a golf tournament with our neighbors and won 4th place.. but first place in fun!

My partner

Margaret my neighbor 
4th place team 

And big silent auction winners
We had a fun gorgeous evening out at our friend's country club.  The most beautiful place to enjoy a fall evening climbing oak trees.

Every year we are excited to kick off our October with a visit to the pumpkin patch.  This year's winner was Halter, based on the Groupon deal that I got.  A small operation but the clear winner was the haunted trail.  We went over and over over and over again. 

And I made a great new friend who insisted on a selfie!

My new friend 
I also hosted a girls night with 2 of my best friends benefitting Love146.  I represented Jamberry, Morgan taught us about Ava Anderson and the great productions, and Virginia recently became an ambassador for the Noonday Collection.  We had so much fun and were able to make a HUGE donation to Love146.  

Morgan educating us on chemical free lifestyle 

Gorgeous Noonday made by impoverished artisans all around the world  
Jamberry fun 
October has been a fun month of dates for sure.  Mommy got an overnight girlfriend date with her best girl from Austin.   Much needed relaxation and catching up... the best part?  We stayed in our pj's and didn't leave the hotel until we were kicked out at late checkout!  (and they kicked us out of the spa too!)

spa day 
float pool at the spa 
late brunch at Discovery green 
Daddy got to take the boys on a fun date to The Aquarium when his Uncle Rick came to Houston.
white tigers, ferris wheel, and a super fun daddy!
Mommy & Daddy got to go on a date with our neighbors (also our charity/gala/fundraising partners in crime) to the NAM gala.

photo booth fun 
We had a family date to the boys Fall Festival at their school this week.  It was nostalgic for me of the fall festivals I grew up going to.  The teachers at their school have such servant hearts and love for the kiddos and Jesus.  Each class had a small game and the boys ran around with their friends.  A beautiful evening. One of those moments where I just wanted to freeze time.

tattoos with Ms Michelle 
pumpkin sand 
pumpkin race
fishing hole!

their favorite game "monk-o"

I stood back and watched my family at this sweet festival in the golden sunlight and thank God for his goodness and faithfulness in answering prayers.  This "abundant life" the joy found in loving Him and walking with Him.  Grateful for Him and what He is doing through our family.
 We got some fun surprises in the mail too!

a crazy candy bowl 
Alabama cookies 
We painted pumpkins...

And we carved them too!  I think one of the favorite things we did this year was have our friends over for a chili eating, pumpkin carving, cookie decorating fall day.  It helps that they are our best friends and the boys best friends too.  What a fun way to spend the day with your favorite people!

Lunch with friends  
handing with the favs

Cookie time!

Carving time! 

And in a few minutes.. they all scattered!
getting out the seeds and goo!

That smile says "step away with the camera or I'll stab you with this carving tool!'

Best moms dig out all the insides

sprinkler time while the parents were slaving away on the pumpkins 
pumpkin designs 
designed by yours truly 
Beckett supervising CC's work 
Our pumpkins with their pumpkins!
Our hearts are full of gratitude and thanksgiving for these sweet memories. 

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings - William Arthur Ward

Many blessings to you! 

The Riley's 

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