It's Kind of Like Vegas, Right?

As my 35th birthday approached, I began talking to my mom about doing something exciting Memorial Day weekend to celebrate.  We tossed around Las Vegas, Key West, Lake Tahoe.  Started looking at tickets and making plans.   And then I started thinking about my Ma.  And how much I really wanted to see her because pretty much every Memorial Day we traveled somewhere to celebrate my birthday in my adulthood.  We went on a cruise for my 21st birthday.  The beach more times than I can count and when the babies were little had a super fun birthday weekend in the Hill Country.

And so that changed the plans.  The boys hadn't seen their Poppy and Dee Dee in a couple of months, we hadn't been home since Christmas, and I had an extra day off work.  That sealed the deal for the boys and I to head to Alabama for a fun weekend. 

The boys and I took on a new milestone in our adventures.  Changing planes, layovers, and airplanes with not enough seats to sit together through a busy international airport on a holiday weekend.  Whew.  I thought this was vacation!

But we made.  A long day and a late night but we arrived at Poppy and Dee Dee's house with 2 already asleep babies and moved them right to bed.  Beckett went to sleep with them and Eli got in bed with me.  I woke up Friday morning to some interesting sounds out back.  Poppy chasing a rooster with a pool net and Beckett shooting it with a water gun.  Welcome home! 

And that kicked off 3 non-stop, action packed, fun filled days on Poppy and Dee Dee's farm. 

art Eli made and packed for Poppy and Dee Dee 

Breakfast with sissy and the bird Buddy 

got the eggs

worked hard loading, moving, and "constructing" 

pinata fun 

Eli caught a big one!

The boys weren't the only ones having fun.  Mommy got in some fun girl time too!

Jamberry Manicures with my Ma 

And my sister in law 

loving our new jamberry

Ma's Bama manicure

And baby sister GG drove me home.  What??? 

Girls cruising with the top down 
And we made lots of time for family.  See how much fun Uncle Bubba is??? 

crazy messy family dinners 

poolside dining 

watching their big boy hero play baseball 
It's been a long time since I visited my Ma's beautiful, small town Alabama church.  That morning when we were getting dressed and I was putting on the boys "boring" clothes, as Beckett call them, I talked to them about my special memories of growing up and going to church there.   I even asked if they could do one sweet special thing  for me and take their picture with Ma while we were there.  And they did.  I love when my boys get to spend time with my Ma.  Doesn't she look fabulous??? 

The boys and Ma 2014

At church I had such a precious moment with Beckett.  He was sitting beside me and the pastor was reading from the Bible.  Ma pulled a bible out that was given in memory of my grandfather.  Beckett opens it and says "I can read the bible mom.  It says God loves me."  Ah.  Such a sweet heart he has. 

While we were home we had an early celebration for my birthday. Dee Dee was putting the candles on the cake and Eli walked in and said "whose birthday is it?" and Dee Dee said "your momma's" and Eli scratched his head and said "are you kidding me, Dee Dee?" Ha!  They were excited to blow out the candles but much more excited that the cake was chocolate!  

And then like that, the laughter, screams and excitement quieted.  The suitcases were packed and we were headed back to the airport.

I really could take this sweet girl home with me. 

Leaving is always so hard.  

these amigos sat together and did great 
We barely slept, had late nights, early mornings, came home exhausted, and slept for a day.  Hey.. that is kinda like Vegas right?  Family is such a blessing and these boys and I could not feel more loved and cherished.  It's always an adventure on Poppy and Dee Dee's farm!

The Riley's