Crazy Weather, Crazy Days

The end of January and the start of February brought crazy weather, crazy schedules, and crazy days to Texas and the Riley family.  Justin worked two jobs while closing out business on his former job and training for his new job.  Everything seemed to be happening for me all at once, group kickoff, trainings, and a new event for our church.  Then came the weather.  We actually had 2 "snow days" where school closed for the ice & sleet! 

Beckett put his "cup of snow by the fire to get warm" 

Eli and I made a snowman :-) 
But look at this snow from my mom and dad's.... dreaming of that! 

Things get a little crazy around here when things are icy.  Like these 2 as my bed partners for snuggling.

And eating and cooking like crazy.

We had to keep busy all crammed up in this house for days.  I think we tried every pinterest project that I could find ingredients for in this house.   Our favorite?  The lava lamps for sure!

oil, water, food coloring, and alka seltzer type tablets

This was SO fun!! 

And a little salt painting too..

And then there are all the other ways mom tried to keep them busy.  Fort building, race car obstacle courses, whew.  

On the 31st of January, we wore shorts.  No kidding.  A week of ice and then a nice warm day on Friday for the boys special football day at gymnastics.

Oh and that day my mom celebrated 60 years! Doesn't she look fabulous??

On February 2nd our church "left the building" due to the renovation project we are in.  Our grow groups (my team) and our missions team partnered together for serve opportunities in the community.  We hosted our first ever "community day" in the park. I had a lot of big help from my buddies. It was starting to get colder. 

Then in true Texas fashion, "If you don't like the weather, just wait a minute.. it will change!" And did.. but not for the better! Cold, rainy, windy, but we made the most of it!   Eli was running a little fever so he stayed home with Daddy and our neighbors brought Beckett. 

I also made one check off the list of house projects.  When we bought our house, the playroom looked like this. 

Obviously, the orange had to go!  But other than having the walls painted and furniture delivered we hadn't had time to do much.  We were blessed with huge closets and most things were piled up in there or all around the room.  In particular, books. In other last house we had tons of built ins.  When we moved in here we realized that we had not one.  On black Friday we got an amazing deal on overstock for a couple of book cases.  One great weekend, Justin took the boys out of town and I worked literally until the wee hours of the morning.  I have literally been planning a baseball playroom since the boys were little.  Justin has the coolest memorabilia from his baseball days and I was able to tackle a few projects although many more are planned.  I am so excited to have one step in the project finished and loved how it is shaping up!

legos organized, costumes organized, toys are put away!
major league baseball bats and balls in cases, red bins for organizing 

mask and hat, case for balls, new book shelves and books unpacked 

jersey found a spot and extra winner... legos orgazined!

It was a hit!  When the boys came home they were thrilled about being able to find all their books again. It was like Christmas :-)  

One thing you can say about the craziness and the storms, it sure makes you grateful for the calm!  Each day is a gift whether stuck inside with two crazy boys or out doing our work.. Praying that we can make each day count. 

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