Next Stop.. "Poppy's Farm"

Riding trigger at the Robert's OK Corral :-)
After a great visit with the Riley family we headed a little more north in Alabama to "Poppy's farm" as the boys like to call it.  They could not wait to get there and feed some animals and find some chicken eggs!  

We got there just in time for dinner and holding babies :-)  My parents currently have 4 foster kids living with them.   The baby girl is 6 months, a 18 month old boy, a 3 year old boy, and the sweetest 9 year old on the planet who my boys absolutely ADORE.

"Uncle Justin" won the cool points by breaking out the fireworks we stopped and got for the boys.  

The next morning after farm chores were done, we had our "Roberts Christmas morning".  

While the boys were out checking for eggs with Uncle Bubba, Dee Dee and Poppy set up their big surprise.

Then we had such a good time swapping gifts.  I love these bags my mom picked up from one of our favorite shops Perfectly Imperfect.  Of course they were dropped off by Santa for 2 perfectly good boys :-)

And everyone loved their goodies :-)

And then it was time for the BIG surprise!  Drumroll please. (no pun intended).

And then they rocked the house!

Whew.  Are you tired yet?  That afternoon while some kiddos were watching movies and some were napping, we snuck away for some good ole Alabama fun at Poppy's "Shooting House."  

Just call us "dead eye" (at 50 yards!)

Poppy's shooting range

The boys heading to put up the targets

moving the boats.. did they really think we would miss that bad?? 

Justin LOVING his new gun 
all the boys taking a turn 

Aunt GG with the .22
And no trip home is complete without sitting around my brother and his guitar singing old gospel hymns.  Not a dry female eye in the circle. 

New Year's Eve was so much fun.  Justin's brother Woody, his wife Nikki, and their precious girls came to join in the zoo.  We had a power wheels Derby!

Uh oh. Daddy got busted. 

clearly having the most fun! 
precious Addy Kate and her John Deere

a wreck. police are on the scene

My sister had a friend over and my grandparents were with us.  That put our NYE dinner total at 10 adults and 9 kiddos. Thank goodness the motto of my parents house is "the more, the merrier".  This is my happy place.  Music playing.  Glasses filled. Chopping. Laughing. Gathered in my momma's farmhouse kitchen making dinner and memories.  

Every year growing up and still to this day, my parents have a tradition of Chinese food for the New Years Eve dinner.  Usually they get take out, but this year we decided with the big crowd we would cook it ourselves.  It was so fun and a success!  

GG and her cute friend Peyton

One of our stir fry dishes

And everyone got their new year's fortune cookie~

Poppy built us a great fire and brought out the heaters for such a fun firework night.  

The kiddos settled in for late night movie time and the adults hit the hot tub to ring in the new year.  

The trip to Poppy's house lasts a few more days even though a late night phone call changed our plans.  We were blessed to share the end of the year with our loved ones and enjoyed our time at Poppy & Dee Dee's zoo Alabama farm! 

The Riley's 
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