Christmas Day!!

Merry Christmas morning!
The boys made it until 7am on Christmas morning.  Actually Eli woke up first and when we told him he couldn't go in the living room until Beckett woke up, he immediately went to see about waking Beckett up :-)

why can't we come downstairs now??? 

sleepy head

promising they won't look 

trying to sneak a peek 

Beckett clearly cheating :-)
And then the moment they had been waiting for!  Did he really come mommy??

I think we were really good mom!
Time to dig in the piles.  Took a little while to get the cobwebs out and not be overwhelmed.  They were THRILLED with their goods. 

Such great playing.  This Christmas morning was the best one yet.  For two reasons.  1. They each got totally different things for more the fun.  And they shared!! All morning we heard, can I see your ..? Sure.  Can I play with your ..??  IT WAS AWESOME.  and 2. no meltdowns.  4 really is the magic number!

The morning was full of fun, laughter, opening presents, a break for a long bath to play with all our toys, and lots of giggles.

And delicious breakfast.  Parmesan Rosemary Shrimp and Grits.  So good.  And the boys polished off and entire bag of "snowmen donuts!"  

Then I couldn't wait any longer.  I had to give Justin his big surprise.  And I got the reaction I was looking for.  He was totally surprised and shocked about his new rifle.   Success!  

After a sweet afternoon of naps and constant play, it was time to clean it all up, pack up, and get ready for our road trip the next day! 

 I love the tradition of just the 4 of us at home.  I will never forget the 3 faces of my boys on Christmas morning.  Makes every second worth it.  My favorite memory?  Beckett fell asleep pretty early and I rocked him to sleep singing sweet Christmas songs.  When he got in bed, he looked at me and said "I love my family."  I walk down stairs and Justin and Eli are curled up on the couch eating popcorn.  They are having a precious conversation about Christmas and what was his favorite.  He looked at me and said "Mommy, my favorite gift from Jesus this Christmas is you." 

I will cherish these Christmas memories and hold them in my heart. Always.  

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