Life in Fast Forward

Where have we been?  What have we been doing? Oh nothing much :-)  Just starting to work full time again, buying a new house, and selling ours!  God's timing is always perfect right?  

Shortly after I returned from Honduras we really started looking at houses again.  We knew about my job and it just pushed us to go ahead and start looking again.  The area we have been looking is much closer to church.  We narrowed it down to 2 neighborhoods.  We made offers and lost a couple to other bidders.  We negotiated for almost 2 weeks on another and were disappointed to end up not being able to come to an agreement.. until.. about a week later.  A house in one of our favorite neighborhoods went on the market with no pictures on a Sunday night.  Just from reading the description it had the floor plan we wanted and a pool.  We called and were the first to see it on Monday.  There were lots of offers that day and a few days later we found out we got it! 

Since our house never sold, we took it off the market a couple of months ago.  We decided that we would just put it up for rent.  Once we had a contract on our new house, we put our house up for rent.  Well a few days went by with just a couple of showings and Justin got antsy.  I was sitting at my desk and got an email from the realtor to sign paperwork for putting it back on the market!  This is how my husband operates "Just sign the papers.  We will talk about it later"  It ended up being a great decision because day 2 on the market we got full asking price.  Isn't God so good?  His timing for selling the house is just another affirmation that our steps of faith are in His will.

I have been crazy busy at work. Not going to lie, the adjustment has been a doozy on all of us.  I am blessed by my job though. I absolutely love it.  I can't wait to get this move behind me and settled so I can share the powerful things God is doing and has shown me since starting this job.  And it's fun too!  The hard part is managing the household/life side and the balance.  The boys overall have done well with some days being better than others.  

We have been crazy making plans for the new house and PACKING.  Ugh.  Funny pictures and stories to share about that later too.  This week is a huge week for us.  The boys start coming to work with me on Monday for their 2 days program.  A new pre-school on Tuesday.  We close on the house on Wednesday.  The movers come on Thursday!  My mom, brother, and sister-in-law are coming out next week as well to help us. Praise God for that.  Will you keep us all in your prayers?  My little ones have a big, exciting week ahead of them and mom and dad have a lot to do!  Pray for smooth closings on our new house, a great move, adjustment for the boys, travel for our family, and a smooth closing on our current house too.  There are lots of ducks to get in a row :-)  

When the dust settles, I will be back with tons of stories and pictures to share of all that has been happing around here. Until then, please keep us in your prayers!

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