Grateful For Another Year

On May 29th, another birthday for me came and went.  Like most years, we jokingly call it birthday month or birthday week.  Every year I am usually blessed to have some type of celebration for my birthday with family because it always falls Memorial Day week.  We have a long tradition of traveling for Memorial Day so throwing my birthday in is a bonus.  The week before I celebrated both with my family and the Riley family.  The boys are loving this tradition.. more cake all around!

We arrived back in Houston on Monday night of Memorial Day.  Justin had the best birthday surprise waiting. I walked in to a total crazy clean house.  As I walked around and looked I was thinking how did Justin get this so clean while we were gone.. then he showed me the card for my birthday present.  A cleaning company to do a "deep clean" once a month for a year.  I seriously told him I have never felt more loved!  With the boys only in MDO for a short time, I do pretty good keeping the basics done but its always those extras.. windows, baseboards, fans, that I never have time for and drive me crazy.  What a great man.  Seriously.  Could not have asked for a better surprise!

Justin would be traveling to work on my actual birthday so he and the boys treated me to an early birthday dinner on Tuesday night. I think the boys loved the treat even more than me! We call them little Texicans because they love a good Mexican restaurant.  Queso, chips, tortillas, fajitas.. don't stand a chance with these little guys.  The dessert menu had pictures so the boys worked to together to pick out the perfect piece.  Cheesecake!  And I was surprised when they came out singing.  At 34, my first sombrero birthday experience.  Who better to share it with than all 3 of my sweet boys.  

feliz cumpleaños!!
I have to say at first when I woke up on my birthday with no plans for the day, I was a little bummed.  So instead, I decided to just have a super fun day with my little ones.  The boys love when we picnic at the "big park".  I loaded up the bikes, our picnic, and sand toys and we headed out.  I received so many phone calls and texts all morning from family and friends.  The boys asked "mommy, how does EVERYBODY know it's your birthday??"  As I watched them at the park I kept thanking God that I have people in my life that care its my birthday.  After seeing so many struggles of the foster kids in our lives over the year, it truly is a beyond a blessing to have people in your life that celebrate your birth and love to make your birthday special.

making birthday breakfast

boys played so sweet together 

finding squirrels

a friend joined our picnic

my special birthday with my buddies.  

and Eli gave me a birthday foot rub!
Justin arrived home on Friday just in time for us to welcome our weekend guest from Austin.. my best friend Morgan from CasaCullen.  My sweet hubby used his points to book us a room at the Hilton Galveston for a girls weekend.   After catching up Friday night, we were up early Saturday morning and ready to head out for our special getaway!

ready to roll 
Our first stop was a little antique shopping.  (Again, reinforcing our age) at the Antique Warehouse.  If you are ever visiting Galveston this place is a salvage, vintage dream.  It is a former brothel and the history in the place is awesome.  Morgan found a couple of great art finds for her little boy Nash's room and new baby girl's room (on the way).

cutie preggo in her element

brother history including license

art not for sale of brothel

having fun in the vintage clothing room 
Next stop lunch with a view.  Being from Alabama (me) and Florida (her) Galveston beaches are so gross.  Seriously.  But neither one of were there for the sand and ocean so lunch sitting at the seawall brought us 2 things we both love, sea air and fresh seafood.  Our shrimp po boys were fabulous.. we loved lunch at The Spot. 

After we checked, we hit the pool.  It was the best afternoon.  We laid out, relaxed, visited the swim up bar (virgin for her of course), laughed at the crowd, winced at the volume of the pool dj music (yep, another sign we are old), read, and had such a great time.

Another luxury?  Taking our dear sweet time getting ready for dinner.  No little ones in the bathroom "helping" me.  Just a fluffy robe, great conversation, and relaxing.

The weather could not have been more perfect on Saturday night.  The food was fantastic. Pier 21 was gorgeous with a great atmosphere.  After dinner, we both could not wait to get home and get in our pj's and crawl in bed to relax (yep, old).  It was the perfect end to a fabulous girls day.

Pier 21 Galveston 
We had this great plan of waking up, going for a long walk on the seawall, breakfast, more pool time, then heading home.  Except we woke up to thunderstorms!  Oh well, at least we got one great day of sunshine.  How hilarious is this.  Not long ago, I visited Austin for a girls night and packed an overnight bag. Morgan and I got dressed at different times and I never saw her, walk down stairs and we are dressed alike! Guess what happened this time? Yep, 2 overnight bags and we both packed the exact same outfit for Sunday!  What can I say.. great styles think alike right?

3 girls getting ready for shopping!
Never ones to let rain ruin our parade, we decided to do the next best thing.  Shopping!  We headed to the Houston mecca.. the Galleria.  I did some birthday money shopping and exchanging at Lululemon (my work attire.. of course!) and then hit The Cheesecake Factory for lunch.  (and yes, we had people comment on our twin attire).  There is nothing greater than being on the same eating page with a best friend.. we love the same foods, are both super easy eaters, and love to share.  Appetizers and dessert for us!

zucchini, avocado, and squash fries with grilled artichoke

strawberry shortcake
We made it home just in time for me to head to church with my boys.  It's always so sweet when we are reunited after a couple of days away.

Time away for relaxing, recharging, and spending time with great friends always makes for a happier momma.  For my birthday, I could not asked for anything more.  I'm approaching 35 and of course thinking more and more about my "old age".  After recently attending the funeral for a great friend my age, I cannot be anything but grateful for each passing year.  I thank God for another day with my family. Another year.  Nothing makes you feel more special than an outpouring of love for your birthday.  Here's to many many more.

The Riley's