The Passing of A Season

I have to admit I have shed a few tears today.  Not just that it is the last day of school but the feeling of a "season" of life passing us by.  I said "goodbye" to MOPs a couple of weeks ago.  We had our last women's bible study for the summer.  Now, the boys are saying "so long" to school which for them means MDO is over and behind us and these big boys will be gearing up for the preschool next year.  

I cannot even tell you what a blessing this school and these teachers have been to us.  To see your babies excited to go to school, to wave goodbye happily (most days), and fall in love with their teachers is so good for my heart.  No worries that they will be taken care.  They have truly thrived at school.  So many fun events too.  I love that the parents get to be so involved in the school and share in memories with their kiddos.  The most recent was the Gardening Gala in honor of earth day.  The boys loved it.

And how cute are their most recent school pictures?  They took these in April so they were almost 3.5.  I love that they got such a sweet one of them together.

Beckett 3.5 Lamb School MDO 

Eli almost 3.5 Lamb School MDO

My boys!  Spring 2013 School Pictures
Today we had the last day of school celebration.  Such a cute little picnic theme.  The boys loved showing me their favorite things to do.  Eli had a meltdown (the same as fun run, thanksgiving, and easter) so par for course.  They had some super cute activities and they sat around a little blanket having a picnic. 

putting bugs on the picnic

playing sand to get ready for summer

Beckett's favorite magnets

He made a super hero of course!

And a policeman (with Mrs Harris)

painting watermelons

loves the binoculaurs

Their sweet garden

picnic time 

best friends (Jackson, Beckett, and Eli)

And what picnic is complete without watermelon and ice cream??

That's Eli!
When it was time to say our goodbyes, I could not thank their sweet teachers enough.  The boys have already said how much they will miss them.  I will too!  The boys had great big hugs for them before we left.  

And they had a special gift for us too.  These sweet memory books of photos they had taken of the boys during school and class.  I cried going through them looking not only at how much fun they were having each day but how much they have changed this year!  Beckett was in pullups and now he is all big boy.  They are taller, longer, leaner.  They know so much more and teach me things all the time that they learned at school from their teachers.  I will treasure this little book always.

I think the hardest part for in this is knowing that this time has come and gone.  The closing of a chapter.. the passing of season.  We will go to a new preschool next year.  While I know it will be great, change always brings about anxiety.  Especially when this year will be hard to top!  Mother's Day Out is done for us.  The boys are moving up and on.  There will be more teachers, and more memories.  I treasure them.  I am grateful for them.  I thank God each day for the people He brings in their lives.  I am already praying for next years teachers.  

We look forward now to our next season, summer!  Our bags are starting to be packed.  We are checked in for our flight, and for us.. summer vacation is officially starting!  I plan to play hard, love hard, and savor every minute because I know before too long, this season will also pass.

The Riley's