Cypalooza 2013

Well, I don't have the pictures yet from Dad's party so I made an executive decision to move forward with the posts I have and then come back to the party.  (gasp)  It hurts me to be out of order but it hurts me more to think of all I will have to catch up on if I keep waiting.. So let me tell you about the boys gymnastics and their first showcase called Cypalooza 2013.

The boys started taking gymnastics in January.  I haven't blogged about it yet because I was waiting to see how they did and how it went.  Then I learned they had a showcase coming up with lots of photo ops so decided to combine it all in one.  They are yellow fish at Cypress Academy and they LOVE it.   Most classes are really good.  We have had a couple of melt downs and here and there but mainly related to being tired that day.  They love Coach Nick and he is so good with kiddos.  Actually they all are.  I have been so impressed with how patient, kind, and loving they are with all the kids. Freely giving praise, hugs, and love when needed.  In fact, Beckett has a tendency to cry if he "gets hurt" which is quite frequently. To keep him from constantly running to me Coach Nick told him that mommy gave him lots of extra hugs and kisses and he keeps them in his pocket just for Beckett when he needs them :-) 

Here are some shots from classes leading up to the event.  The love the "green mountain" and is the highlight of each week of course.

This was our very first "try it out class" 

on the beam 

warming up

waiting "patiently"

one more minute

can we go now please??
the green mountain 
Here is how we practice at home.. 

Last Monday night the boys participated in what they called Cypalooza.  It was a crazy, overwhelming, screaming toddler, too many parents, awesome kind of event.  They first performed the dance that they learned.  My boys could do the dance pretty good in practice but definitely had a case of stage fright at the main event :-)  

warm up 

notice Eli is rolling on the floor. No one else is. 

Let's Rock 

the look - deer in the headlights
Beckett gets going a little earlier than Eli who waits most of the song and then decided to jump in.  Ha!  Look at Eli's face.  Love them. 

On their first rotation they did backward's rolls.  This is a new skill for them that they just started working on.  They know to clap first then hands behind ears.  Still don't quite have all the rolling part down yet.

started off nice and serious

Then you will see that Eli realizes he has an audience. And this video my friends is the essence of the two personalities happening in my household.  Eli the clown decides to run and do jumps.  Beckett follows the instructions and continues to diligently try his back rolls while ignoring brothers shenanigans.

I think the pictures from the handstand section speak for them selves.  Beckett attempting to do handstands but distracted by his brother that decides to use the cones as a horn.  Then when he realizes everyone is laughing.  He really kicks it up a notch with the "horn" playing.  Justin said " maybe we should try band!"

Forward rolls went slightly better.  They are both usually really good at forward rolls since we practice on my bed all the time.  Beckett did a great job on the fish mat.  Eli tried a few times but then got bored with that and decided that rolling himself up in the fish rug was better.  That and driving the teacher BANANAS.

And then moving on to the next event..

gymnastics shenanigans and giggles
Bars.  More antics. More trying though.  The teacher got smart and tried to separate them at this point but for some reason every time she turned around.. there they were back together.  

When we moved on to beam we had our first meltdown.  Honestly the only time Beckett cries or has a hard time its beam.  As he says "I'm a little bit afraid".  Due to his hypotonia we know he has a harder time than most kids with balance and strength that is why this is so good for him.  In class, my eyes water sometimes watching him work so hard!  He does fall a lot and being super sensitive anyway he has some challenges to overcome where the beam is concerned.  Eli loves it though! I can't believe how he can do the mount, dismount, walk, and even crawl on the high beam without falling off.  No good video of it though.  Beckett was crying for mommy and I was trying to encourage him to get back out there.  I did snag one video of Beckett finally giving it a try. He is so proud when he finally does it!  Love that sweet victory arm raise at the end.

The final event was trampoline and I won't bore you with a video of them both bouncing down the trampoline.  I didn't get many pictures of that event because #1. Justin and I were arguing #2 because he said I needed to go where they can't see me.  Ha!  We are 2 sides of a coin when it comes to these things.  He can be sorta "stage mommish" and say things like "It's a long way to Beijing Olympics" and "we need to practice more at home".  And I say things like "have fun!"  You are 3.  Probably not going to the Olympics but what do I know? 

After all this we finally got to the part they had been so anxious and waiting for.. the awards ceremony.  I cannot begin to describe the look on their faces, the joy, the happiness, and the pride they got from receiving their first trophy.  

Cypalooza 2013  (age 3 gymnastics)

happy happy happy 

the trophy
They both slept with their trophies.  Eli ate with his the next morning and he insisted on taking it to school to show his teachers.  When I picked him up from school his friend Caleb was in the hall telling his mother "Mom, Eli did gymnastics and got a REAL trophy.  He let me touch it."   Cool kid at school that day my little one.  

Totally all worth the craziness.  And do you know that coming home and watching all these videos really made some things click for them? They did awesome at their next class and they both ask to practice all the time.  They just had their first evaluations since starting.  The classes progresses from yellow fish to green turtles.  Beckett has a few areas to work on but mainly overall needs to work on "not being scared" or as he says "little bit afraid" and get confident.  Eli passed all areas and could have moved up except Coach Nick said that he needs to pay more attention and be a better listener to move to a higher level.  They both have their challenges and strengths but I could not be more proud of them for consistently trying and learning new things.  You rock :-)

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