Monster Jam 2013

An exciting milestone in any dad's life.  Especially this dad.  Justin was in Heaven taking he 2 little buds to their first Monster Jam this weekend at Houston's Reliant Stadium.  The boys were excited and all week we were able to gain some leverage about this event during nap time and bed time :-)

Justin and I both have been one time growing up to see Monster trucks but obviously it had been a very long time.  I think we were both more excited than the boys.  The boys twin friends Parker and Preston & their parents went with us too.  Jennifer got us great club level seats and even scored free pit party passes for us too.   We had to wake the boys up from napping in the car when we got there so they were a little groggy going in.   Then when they saw all the big trucks up close and personal they were so excited but totally overwhelmed!

The pit was crowded and the lines were long to meet the drivers.  They boys were intimidated not only by the trucks but by the crazies in the crowd.  

Mutt Dog (he has a girl driver!)

metal malisha and Mohawk (aka crazy hair)

checking out the school bus 

Iron Man (who later won the championship race)

With Grinder

We looked everywhere for our favorite, Grave Digger and we finally found him outside.  He had quite the set up and by now the boys were starting to get comfortable and have fun.

Grave digger spooky house

grave yard

Yeah for Grave Digger! 

The lines were so so long to meet the drivers and the pit party was almost over.  The boys of course wanted every cool "thing" in sight. So they got to choose one thing each.  Eli chose the $15 Grave Digger cotton candy and Beckett chose popcorn.  They wanted to go to our seats and eat so we headed up.  It was awesome to be club level because we had a lounge with couches, chairs, and plenty of room to run and play with our monster trucks we brought.

Is he cool or what? 

view of the pit party that was ending
playing monster trucks

eating popcorn and hanging out with Parker & Preston
There was 2 hours between the end of the pit party and the start of the show.  The boys loved every minute of it.  They sat with their friends and watched the track get cleared.  They screamed and jumped up and down about everything.  Even the minivan from the radio station that drove around :-) Hysterical.  This video is before it even started.  This is just the drivers moving the trucks from the pit party.
When it actually started though I don't have many pictures because we literally were in a standoff with these two about the ear phones. We thought we could get them there so didn't buy any before we went.  Big mistake.  The adult ones they would not put in their ears.  The kids one they cried hurt (and didn't work well).  

It was INSANELY loud.  Just way too loud to be in there without ear phones.  So up and down the stairs we went.  We held them over their ears when they wanted to go inside. Parker and Preston had awesome ones and did great. My 2, loved it. Wanted to be in the action, but cried because it was so loud and they hated the earphones :-(.  Parent fail. 

We left with about 30 minutes left because honestly after 5.5 hours they were antsy and over it. They had more fun running around being crazy on the way out.  And of course were asleep before we hit the freeway.  When we got home Eli woke up just long enough to collect every little monster truck we had in the house to take to his bed.  The little guy was hard to drag out of bed for church this morning!  He kept climbing back in and pulling the covers up. "I'm tired mommy".  Ha!  

The first thing Beckett said to me when he woke up was "Mommy, I saw the monster trucks yesterday."  Sweet boy.  They talked about it all morning.  Grave digger even went to Sunday school today. 

We are all boy around here and loving every minute of it.  

The Riley's