Santa Came Mommy! Santa Came!

After staying up WAY too late on Christmas eve, we were hoping that the boys would do us a favor and sleep in a little.  Eli did his usual cry to come to our bed around 5 so I ran to get him before he walked by the living room.  I turned him around and snuck by the door so he wouldn't see anything.  At 6:30 he popped up and said "I'll be right back!"  Oh no little guy, you have to wait on brother.  Meltdown.  Total Meltdown.  So I tried to contain him but alas his screams woke up brother which made #2 a bit cranky for Christmas morning too.  Neither were thrilled about waiting on the camera, video camera, bathroom breaks, etc so here is the "waiting" picture.  Little bit cranky these two!

Christmas morning 2012 (3 years old)
Once we let them go they took off running and were so excited to see that "Santa came mommy!"

Beckett of course made a bee line for the Rescue Bots (the only thing he asked for) and Eli loved loved his Cranky the crane and Thomas train.  Justin and I talked about it later that Santa didn't "designate" the presents.  He just left it all out and the boys just naturally gravitated to their interest.  Amazing how individual their little personalities are becoming and it really helps in the sharing department!

Mommy snuck away to put our homemade kolaches in the oven.  Now I didn't eat a real kolache until I moved to Texas but we loved them.  I found a recipe for making them from scratch (yeast and all) on Homesick Texan.  They were a lot of work (a lot more than the drive thru at Kolache Factory) but totally worth it when you heard my sweet little boys mmm's on Christmas morning.  Some had sausage and some had bacon - both with cheese of course.

While those were in the oven, we opened our stockings.

I actually can't wait to read this
And then mommy and daddy got a few presents too!

New Olukai's for dad from mommy

super hero pajamas from the boys

Lululemon jacket and pants for me!
Literally since they saw them, the boys had been crying and begging to get in the bathtub and play with the Thomas the Train paint bath sets.  Begging.  Finally after breakfast Justin said, "I'm putting them in the tub." Done. Happy as can be!

When they got out of the tub they were in great moods and ready to play.  

Mom took the time to stop and take a break.  I made the easiest yummiest brie. I will never make it another way.  It was simply Polaner all fruit spread (apricot), cresent roll sheet, pecans, and a small wheel of brie).  So so yummy.  And raspberry orange mimosas.  Another super easy that combined raspberry sherbert, orange juice, and champagne.  

After all that playing we got very tired.  We turned on a Christmas movie and before I knew it, 2 little sleepy boys had climbed in my lap.  The best Christmas present of all!

After great long naps by all 4 of us, we had so much fun playing.  Beckett slept the longest and while he was still snoozing Eli was a busy busy boy.  I always get nervous when he gets quiet but every time I went to find him he was playing so sweet by himself. 

On Christmas night, we actually unwrapped the presents from Mommy and Daddy. Since Santa can be a little overwhelming we waited to make the day seem longer.  We saved Eli & Beckett's most popular requests for last.  The "As scene on tv toys". Can you tell that he was so ecstatic when he opened it.  He screamed.  Hugged his dad. And said "I thought you forgot!"  

They both immediately went to work with them. I have to tell you besides the Legos, these are both awesome for mommy and daddy's too!


Glo and Go Drawing

Before we went to bed, we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.  The 4 of us were in their room getting ready for bedtime and I couldn't help but just be overwhelmed by His blessings.  Another wonderful holiday season behind us.  The beauty is that the truth of this season last all year long.  It doesn't stop with Christmas Day.

“The shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things they had heard and seen, which were just as they had been told.” Luke 2:20

May we remember this, glorify Him, and Praise him ALL YEAR LONG!  Glory to God in Highest!

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