Oh Christmas Trees

Every year since we have been married, we have gotten a real live Christmas tree.  We both love the tradition and love love the smell, look, and memories of picking out a real tree.  Due to traveling and scheduling we both sadly agree that we can't keep one alive this year.  This lead to the great artificial Christmas tree hunt.  Craigslist, sale papers, online, in stores, looking for the right tree at mainly the right price.  Thankfully my sweet in laws were here while we were doing this and donated to the stingy budget originally given to me by Scrooge my sweet husband so I was able to score a great tree.  Based on lots of recommendations from official sources facebook friends, the boys and I headed to Home Depot to score the perfect tree.

sweet little reindeer helper

shopping for trees among Black Friday madness 

The boys of course wanted the flashing multi color hot mess of a tree but I convinced them to choose another.  They were so serious about it and I know there is no way they understood.  I asked "Pine or Frazier.. Eli said "Pine definitely!" Beckett said, "No Frazier" and then they would giggle hysterically.  In the end we ended up with a 9ft GE Real Frazier and stayed in budget of $300.

Taking it home!

The day after Thanksgiving per family tradition we put up the tree.  The boys asked a thousand times to put it up.  Finally the time came.

Now can we put up the tree?

Big helpers

We even had great music and a little dancing going on.

dance party

Of course it wasn't all easy going.  The boys were over the tedious part of getting it out and spreading the leaves quickly.  They were in  too playing in the box, which turned in to wrestling in the box, crying, and mean ole mommy taking the box away. 

They finally calmed down from the tantrums when I brought out their favorite treat.  Y'all.  They are obsessed with these cookies.  I kind of love them too.  What's funny to me is that Eli only wants to eat the kids.  Beckett only wants to eat the Daddy's.  No real explanation for that one!

And at last the tree was up. Was the tree decorated? Not yet.  But the boys enjoyed it just the same.  All night they played "decorate the tree" with super heroes, trucks, and toys.  Even days later when I finally did decorate it I was picking Doctor Doom, Iron Man, and Spidey our of the branches!

Last week the boys also put up their little tree in their room.  This was very serious work this year.  Eli got a little stool from the bathroom and did a lot of directing too.

When they were done, they got their reindeer friends and Santa Claus and snuggled on the "snow" under the tree.  They laid there for at least a half hour together giggling.

One little boy named Beckett fell in love with the tree.  Look at face.  For  a few days, everyday that he woke up he laid under their gazes at the ornaments and lights.

The finishing touch? We found these little super hero ornaments at Target and they both got to choose their favorites for their tree.

super hero ornaments of course
Oh Christmas Trees!  How 2 little boys love you so.  What a great way to Welcome Christmas to the Riley house.

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