Happy Early Christmas To Us

As you know, Justin chose an awesome bike for his birthday which you can read about here.  The boys love it and I have to admit I have been slightly jealous as know that we have a more healthy and active lifestyle, I want to ride too.  We went on several great bike rides this summer on 30a and I have talked about how much I enjoyed it.  The cruising bike, I might add.  Not the racing I am going to a triathlon kind and also with a little pull behind trailer for the boys.  What fun would it be to take them for rides on these beautiful afternoons.  Perfect Christmas present!

I did catch Justin doing some shopping for the trailers, and whoa those guys are expensive.  I mentioned to him that I had no expectations of a brand new one especially since they can only use it for a short while and directing him over to Craiglist. In true Justin fashion, he made a great deal on one within hours and went and picked it up. Because I didn't have a bike "yet" he got to make the inaugural runs with them.  I wish that I had videoed the sweet sweet giggles and squeals coming from this trailer when their daddy pulled them!  And the chants of faster faster faster.  I was happily surprised they loved it so much.  So I guess more like Happy early Christmas to them?? 

love these two little faces

patiently waiting on daddy to finish a call to take a ride

silly games
What's hilarious to me is that when Justin brought it home Eli said "Mommy, let's ride it with your bike." And I said "Eli I don't have a bike" and he said, "Yeah you do.  We bought you one"  Oh really? Hm?  Seems that on black Friday Eli and daddy did some shopping :-)  I already suspected it because when we were in Target Eli pointed to a bike and said "Hey mommy.. there's your bike!"  Don't take Eli secret Santa shopping with you.  Or better yet, always send Eli secret Santa shopping with Daddy so Mommy knows all the surprises!

And then it came one day by UPS.  A huge box last week.  Hmmm.. And dad was going out of town for an entire week.  Are you thinking what I'm thinking (as Eli and Beckett would say)  Yep!  Early present for mom and the boys!  

Mommy and her boys on our first ride

of course, dad is WAY faster
With Justin gone this week, we have been for a ride every day.  I wasn't anticipating the work out but seriously, pulling 2 almost 40 lb toddlers is great for my legs.  We have had a few blips here or there with them getting into little arguments or one wanting to get out but for the most part they have enjoyed our rides.  Especially now that we can get out and look at all the Christmas decorations popping out through the neighborhood.

We also received a couple of special packages from Alabama.  Our Ma sent us a great big box full of early Christmas love.  It seriously looked like Christmas morning in here with all that wrap and paper!

Their favorite finds?  These precious little water toys that have made bath time a breeze for me this week.

Mommy's favorite?  A new place to display my Christmas cards and after Christmas my favorite photos.

Dee Dee also sent us a sweet package.  I know I have blogged before about my love of Ann Voskamp's blog A Holy Experience it is always one of my favorite parts of my daily quiet time to read her post.  She has an advent study for Christmas called A Jesse Tree.  I never even mentioned it to my mom but really wanted to do it.  Our printer is acting crazy so I thought, oh well.  And low and behold, a package arrived and not only had she printed out the whole study but bound it for me too!  One of my favorite parts of this advent has been reading this each night (or morning) when I get time alone with God.  Can't wait to blog more about it in a later post.

The best part about these gifts?  The sweet memories that we get to make with them.  What a joyous time of year!

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