The Galloway Goodbye

So have you ever held a party for something that you didn't really want to celebrate?  Well, that is what happened this weekend.  We co-hosted a farewell party to give our best friends The Galloway Family.  As you might remember they are our friends that we met the very first weekend we were here at an Alabama Alumni event. We have walked with them through many ups and downs from conception to the challenging birth of their twin boys.  Their boys are so precious and honestly, how often do you find best friends with so much in common including twin boys the same age?  Um. yeah.  On the other hand, we have prayed with them through many job interviews and opportunities and out of all of them, the Lord blessed Curtis with an amazing job opportunity in New Orleans.  I am proud of them for taking this big step for their family but we will truly miss them.

We couldn't send them on their way without one last "Hooray!" The party was at Leah's sister's AMAZING house and our friends the Fryar's hosted as well. You know I love to throw a good party!  These 2 were excellent to plan and hostess with.  The food was perfect for the afternoon.


What was my favorite?  The ICE CREAM BAR!  It turned out so cute too.  I found these letters on Martha Stewart.  Cut them out and used some paper I had and made a quick and easy banner for the bar.  Lots of toppings and yummies made this the big hit!

Ice Cream Bar

Cake balls, brownies, and toppings

What did Eli's and Beckett's plate look like? Kid heaven of course. And check out that ice cream that Eli picked as a "special treat" He loved having all the toppings to choose from.

Caught the Kirtley women (Leah, sister, mom, and aunt) hanging out by the ice cream too!

The weather did not cooperate with us but we didn't care :-)  It rained.  Thunder, lightening, and scary rain did not stop us all from having a great time!  The kids were WILD in the house and amazing play room.  

playing with Beau and Dax
How cute was this in the playroom

Eli snuck away to play

And finally, the rain stopped, the sun peaked through the clouds and we all got to PARTY!

They loved playing with Mike


Buddies swimming together

McCalle and Leah

Justin with Curtis's dad and Mike

CC and his boys

Daddy and his boys

Galloway family

Playing with CC

The slide!

Leah's sister did a really special gift for them to take with them.  She took a picture of each family and attached it a scrapbook page. Then each guests left a message for them.  She put it all together in a beautiful leather book.  I seriously procrastinated writing my page the entire party. 

Even when I finally was under the gun (Meredith!) to finish it I couldn't help but tear up as I tried to put into words what they have meant to us the last 4 years.  As I wrote in their letter, they became "home" for us in Texas.  Oh how my heart hurts thinking about the boys not growing us as close friends here.  I know that we will always be friends but as I have learned through all our moving, the distance with friends changes the relationship no matter how hard you try.  We will stop in on our way to Bama for sure and treasure any times that we get to spend together.  And as always, they will be close in our hearts and prayers.

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