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I blogged before about our plan to Get Fit and Fresh in 2012.  We started off the year with the Insanity program.  That was just the start of something big!

Justin says that he always needs a goal to work towards, something competitive to keep him motivated.  He signed up for the Tough Mudder which is coming up in October and he has been training for it.  Then he decided to enter the lottery for the Houston Marathon.  And guess what? He won!  He will run his first full 26.2 mile marathon here in Houston in January.  Then he had to get serious about training for that so he joined a running club here that meets and runs near our house on Saturday morning to prepare for marathon season.  He meets about 150 other people, divided into pace, distance, and goals and runs.  Of course, he prides himself on coming in #1 the last 2 weeks.  Well all of this running and working out has to let to one realization - it hurts!  He has had several foot and ankle problems now that he is getting up to long distance runs.

A friend of his and a cousin are all active into cycling.  He has researched and debated for a long time.  We both agree that long distance marathon running is probably not the best long term activity for him due to injuries so he decided to take the plunge and get a bike. He is a very lucky upcoming birthday boy to get a present this nice.  

I took Eli with me the first time to pick up the bike shoes he originally requested for his birthday.  That little stinker loved the bike shop.

errands with mommy

Beckett was sleeping late from nap that day so I told Justin I was going to take Eli to run back some books to the library.  Of course, when we sit down to dinner Justin asks Eli where he and Mommy went today and Eli says "the bike shop".  Justin said "oh really, what did you get at the bike shop" To which Eli said "some shoes".  Oh does that stinker have a lot to learn about surprises!!

Friday night when we were talking about Justin going to get his bike, Eli and Beckett begged to go to the bike shop. In fact, after dinner Eli said "Let's get this thing going" Ha!  Something I say all the time.

Bike Time!

We were really popular tolerated at the bike shop with our shenanigans.  Really, it was a circus.

 I did literally 30 minutes of in store jogging
with this thing!

Beckett said "theres all kind of work here"

We tried on every hat

we pushed all the stools together and made a balance beam
then we got foam rollers and played gladiators
Meanwhile, Justin was trying to get fitted and settled in with his new bike.

Every time he would test it out, the boys chased him all over the store!  

We finally got everything together and go out of there right at closing time.  Whew. I bet they were glad to see us leave.  But, hey?  We actually bought something so that made me feel better about the path of destruction left behind :-)

On Sunday, he took his first ride on the new bike. I was thinking around the block.  Not Justin, he rode 20 miles to The Woodlands on his first go.  From there, he met up with a friend and they rode 20 more.  He said it was awesome.  

Do you think he is satisfied now?  Oh yeah, he is already talking about triathlons and Iron Man now.  I am so proud of his new fit lifestyle and think that he and the boys have many future bike rides in their future!    

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